Have you ever been asked exactly how much is a peck that apples? If so, climate you could have make a wild guess like everyone else – consisting of me!

That’s why ns researched and also studied the hatchet “a peck of apples” from every horticultural expert, colleague, historian, farm stand, gardening authority, and encyclopedia that I can find. Here’s what i discovered.

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How lot is a Peck the Apples? 


A peck of apologize is around two gallons the apples. Or two small bags of apples.A peck of apologize weighs around 10-12 pounds.A peck of apologize is likewise 1/4 of a bushel.Apples vary considerably in size, however you deserve to expect a peck come contain roughly 30 come 35 medium-sized apples.

More Peck of to apologize Facts

A half peck of apologize is approximately 1 gallon of applesA half peck of apples weighs approximately 5-6 lbs.A peck is same to 8 dry quartsA peck that is equal to 537.6 cubic inches

Farm stands almost everywhere the us measure apples and tomatoes through the peck!

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Some fish markets also measure oysters by the peck. That’s since a peck is a unit of capacity offered in British imperial units and also US customary units.

Ever wondered even if it is goats eat apples?

How much is a Bushel of apologize vs a Peck the Apples?

A bushel of to apologize is 4 pecks of apples.

Remember that 1 peck of apples is roughly 2 gallons and also weighs approximately 10-12 lbs. Therefore, 1 bushel of apologize is about 8 gallons and weighs around 40 – 48 lbs. A bushel of apples is a boatload the apples!

A Bushel of apple Facts:

1 bushel of apples = 4 pecks of apples1 bushel of to apologize = around 40 – 48 lbs1 bushel of apologize = around 8 gallons

Where walk the hatchet “a Peck of Apples” Originate?

People have been making use of the peck as a measurement due to the fact that the 14th century! back then, a peck to be a measurement for flour. End time, other dry volume measurements adopted the term.

I’ve read that a peck was additionally an early measuring unit for a horse’s dry oats. Or an “allowance” the dried oats – intriguing!

How lot Does a Peck of apologize Cost?


If girlfriend buy to apologize in season native an to apologize orchard, friend can uncover a peck of apples for around $10 – $20. A fifty percent peck of apples might price you all over from $5 – $10. 

But part premium farmers and also sellers might charge an ext – almost everywhere from $2 or $3 per pound for apples. The premium pricing way that a complete peck of to apologize might cost you approximately or about $30. A premium farmer might likewise charge approximately $15 because that a half peck that apples depending upon where friend shop. Or more!

Can You make an apple Pie through a Peck that Apples?

Yes! for sure!

If you want to make a huge 10-inch to apologize pie, you just need about 3 pounds that apples. Due to the fact that a peck of apples is usually roughly 10-12 pounds, girlfriend have enough for 2 or 3 apple pies! at least.

Please save some pie because that me!

Also, don’t forget to incorporate my favourite apples because that a succulent and also delicious apple pie.

The best Apples because that Homemade to apologize PieJonagoldGolden DeliciousHoneycrispCortlandPink LadyNorthern SpyRoxbury Russet

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Add a dash of strawberry to her apple pie for a hints of sweetness and also zing. Because that extra points, try including a few slices the pear!

PS: If you desire to do a homemade apple pie that you’ll love, climate here’s my favorite apple pie recipe from Old Farmer’s Almanac.

How lengthy Will A Peck the Apples stay Fresh?

Apples picked new from the orchard critical a long time on her kitchen shelf or table. Usually, her apples keep freshness because that at the very least a few weeks.

If you want to prolong the shelf life of her apples, think about chucking lock in your fridge. There space a couple of other smart hacking that can assist store her apples.

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Apple warehouse HacksStore her apples in a cool, dark, and also well-ventilated location.One bad apple spoils the bunch! keep your apologize separate.Pick your apples before they get too ripe.Don’t save apples with pierced skin or bruised skin.Rotate your stored apples. Eat your oldest ones first!

Another genius to apologize storage guideline is to do apple juice, apple cider, or applesauce. You can freeze one of two people of these for months without second-guessing. You have the right to also dehydrate your apples for long-term storage.

How countless Pecks of Apples execute You Need?

I deserve to never have enough pecks that apples. I love come eat apples for breakfast, lunch, and a snack. I also love homemade apple pie! What around you? you re welcome let me recognize your favorite way to eat apologize in the comments below! Also, allow me know if one peck is ever before enough?!