Many civilization often wonder why the NBA has actually quarters and also not halves choose college basketball. Or why the NBA offers 12 minute quarters and not 10 or 15 minutes like other professional sports leagues do.

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Why is a basketball 4 minutes 1 12 minutes? The birth of the NBA has always seen four, twelve-minute soldier in your league. Acquisition the foundation of the basketball rules watched in college prior to the bear of the league, the NBA made decision that 12 minute soldier was the perfect lot of time for a basketball video game to last simply over 2 hours. They figured out this to be the best amount the time for a paying spectator to gain a professional basketball game.

Not all leagues are created equal, you have the right to say the NBA developed its own identity going versus the serial of exactly how basketball games were an alleged to be played at that time. Basketball was two halves the 15 come 20 minutes of play. Let’s take a further look in ~ why the NBA took this approach.

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A Brief background of Basketball and also Its Rules

When Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts, it to be to save his students that he was training to save busy. The video game was not perfect and also saw numerous rules transforms through the years, yet at the moment of his invention, he had to create rules to maintain order in the game. Therefore he developed the 13 rules of basketball. The initial 13 rule of basketball were together follows:


One of the initial rules was Naismith applied two fifteen-minute halves per video game as girlfriend would watch in a college game. The college game was initial played this means but eventually it was changed to two twenty-minute halves. Basketball would evolve, players to be getting much better and much more points to be being scored, the change was needed.

Before the NBA to be founded, the national Basketball association was recognized as the Basketball combination of America in 1946. The birth of the organization took place in new York and would eventually adjust its name to the NBA three years later after merging v the American Basketball League.

The NBA has constantly used 12 minute quarters throughout games, and it is thought that this to be the perfect lot of time because that spectators and also basketball teams to walk head come head in vain play. During that time groups were play 6o game season.

The American Basketball association is also known as the ABA was established in 1967 and also used the very same quarter length of 12 minutes as the NBA did. In 1976 the ABA would certainly merge through the NBA. The rules of the NBA to be very comparable to the rules of the ABA so football player didn’t have any difficult time adjusting.

Fun Fact: The ABA had currently implemented a three-point line in their league in i m sorry the NBA had not done so together of yet. Once the 2 leagues merged it was until 3 years later on in 1979 the NBA would introduce the line. It to be the very same distance together it was currently 23 feet and also 9 inches however known as the 25 footer.

So why are Basketball Quarter’s exactly 12 minutes?

Originally once the organization was created with very tiny time to spare, the NBA took the college game as the structure of their rules. University basketball succeeded then and also still is now. Although university basketball would relocate from 15-minute halves to 20-minutes which seemed to it is in a much much better format.

Quoted by the Why 12 Minute Quarters?


I think it’s crucial to note that the NBA wanted to create its own identity of being a expert basketball league. For this reason what they found is a college game is too brief for a paying spectator. They would certainly decide to develop 4 quarters instead of 2 halves at 12 minutes apiece and found the this would offer the average fan 2 hours to 2 and a half hours of clock time. So fans can surely get their money worth.

Hypothetically do the quarters a minute much longer or 3 minutes longer adds a significant amount that time to the game. If we were to add 3 minute making each quarter an also 15 minutes, we room looking in ~ an extra 12 minute of action that practically an extra quarter to every game. If we included the bare minimum that 1 minute extra each quarter making that 13 minute a 4 minutes 1 we space still looking in ~ 4 extra minutes a game which is practically equivalent to play overtime every game. We all know how exhausted players obtain when the game goes right into overtime.

I really believe the NBA should cut down on the number of games a team will play in a season. 82 gamings is a lot and an ext than ever players are gaining injured in ~ a higher rate. Players room stronger and an ext explosive than ever before but an ext injuries as the result. Choose driving a vehicle the much more you journey the likely you room to gain into one accident.

Though besides the games it practically feels like the NBA nailed it through 12 minutes a quarter, appears to be the perfect quantity of time come satisfying viewership and minutes a player deserve to withstand for peak performance.

The ABA when it came onto the step in 1967 complied with the NBA’s, four 12 minute quarters. Imagery is the best kind of flattery. It is quite interesting that castle didn’t walk a various route to different themself from the competition. Lock did have the three-point line which the NBA did not which attracted crowds come the ABA due to the fact that of it.

Many civilization often describe a basketball quarter as a period. However most basketball fans refer to them together quarters because it’s obvious. It’s favor a Math difficulty involving fractions, if us take a game and it is broken down into four quarters, that’s a whole. If that is fifty percent time during the climate 2/4 the the video game is done has actually been played or one half.


The proportion of Fouls come Minutes

In any kind of basketball league other than the NBA, girlfriend will find that if a player commits 5 fouls then he/she is fouled out and also will need to sit the remainder of the video game on the bench can not to return.

If you division 5 right into 40 minutes of basketball video game time. A player will have a foul to give for every 8 minute of video game time. FIBA, NCAA, and even part high school basketball states in the U.S.A. Run on 10 minutes a 4 minutes 1 or 20-minute halves, totaling 40 minutes of video game time. The exemption of this ratio is that most high school may run 8 minute quarters.

The NBA rules for fouls room if a player commits 6 fouls they will certainly be fouled out and have to sit the remainder the the game. If you division 6 into 48 minutes you additionally get one foul for every 8 minutes of play. This is why the NBA upped their foul counting to 6 rather of 5 or else you would have actually a lot much more players fouling out quite quickly.


Is the NBA the only organization with 12 minute quarters?

The NBA and the WNBA are the only leagues that govern four 12 minute quarters. Leagues favor high school and also FIBA, have 4 quarters but are just 10 minute each. It does seem together if FIBA will at some point follow suit through the NBA. The Olympics and World Cup of Basketball usage FIBA rules and also their quarters space still 10 minutes throughout international play.

One point to save in mental is that if the NBA did go to 10 minute a video game the organization would experience a dramatic drop in scoring. We’re talk 8 extra minutes of less action, that’s virtually a whole quarter.

You would also see lot fewer players play on the court. Coaches can easily obtain away v playing 7 to 8 football player a game with their superstars playing almost the totality game. Many much more games would certainly be near in nature also. The reverse would certainly be true in Europe or where they use FIBA rules.

How lengthy are breaks in between quarters?


Breaks between quarters 1 and also 2 or 3 and 4 are 130 secs of remainder or simply over 2 minutes, this additionally includes in between the 4th quarter and overtime. Halftime in the NBA is 15 minutes.


Breaks between quarters 1 and 2 or 3 and also 4 are 120 seconds of rest or 2 minutes, this likewise includes between the 4th quarter and also overtime. Halftime in FIBA is 15 minutes.


The NCAA take away a 15-minute rest in between halves. There room no rests between quarters since there space none.


Why room NBA games four quarters that twelve minutes rather of fifteen, like in the NFL?

The NFL operation fifteen-minute quarters yet their gamings take a complete of 3 hours. They have actually a different set of players on offense and also defense which enables the players to pat this long. If players were play both next of the field, this would be a different story and make because that a much shorter game.

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Because the NFL plays when a week they can obtain away v this format, and also it works rather well for the league. If the NBA switched to this style the game would operation the same length of 3 hours and also would make for to lengthy a video game for basketball. Also when a NBA game goes right into overtime the total time of the game still does no reach 3 hours.