Skydiving and also bungee jumping are frequently considered in the same classification of experiences. Lock both have a leap that faith, a cost-free fall and also can accumulate chills just watching someone execute it. A usual question is whether to bungee jump or to skydive, and also there space a variety of differences between the two. This article compares the two in a battle of the experiences!

Which is Safer?

While both skydiving and bungee jumps are really safe once performed correctly, fatality statistics indicate bungee jumps space slightly safer.

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The Australian Parachute Federation performed a report in 2017 i m sorry looked at the proportion of jumps per fatality. If it varies significantly, that averages the end to around 1 fatality because that every 350,000 skydives. This converts to around 2.5 fatalities every year.

Bungee jumping statistics assume 1 fatality for every 500,000 jumps. Over the critical 20 years, there have actually been 23 bungee jumping associated deaths, which equates to approximately 1.15 deaths every year.

Which is Cheaper?

The price that the experiences rely on a variety of factors, including:

altitudelocationday/time (e.g. Weekends/mornings etc.)

All else equal v comparative determinants (as above), bungee jumping is cheaper 보다 skydiving. In fact, it"s almost half the price! for example, a bungee endure in Cairns expenses $179, whereas a 14,000ft skydive in the same an ar will price $295.

Which is an ext fun?

A question favor this is greatly subjective, however a skydiving is usually a much better experience. This is based on 5 reasons:

You"ll with terminal velocity (220km/h) top top a skydiveSkydiving has actually a longer freefall.Bungee jumping freefall = 4-5 secondsSkydiving freefall= 40-70 secondsSkydiving is significantly higher with more comprehensive scope that surroundings/better viewsBungee Jumping elevation = Skydiving height = 10,000ft - 15,000ftSkydiving suffer is longerBungee jump Duration = 2 minute (immediate cost-free fall + 2 minute hang-time)Skydiving term = 5 minute (1 minute complimentary fall + ~4 minute parachute come ground)And you get a scenic flight in an airplane before a skydive!

The certain numbers will certainly vary, but a skydive is always from a higher height, definition longer and faster complimentary falls. And the parachute journey gliding earlier down come ground is also great fun ~ above a skydive!


Which is scarier?

We request this question to 20 world who have experienced both jumps and 90% claimed bungee jumping is a scarier suffer than skydiving. 3 of the key reasons cited are:

Proximity come ground. When you bungee jump, the furthest extension of the cord will normally dangle you from within 10 metres of the ground.The surroundings are lot closer - one of two people by forest, cliff, canyon or waterfall. Once you have actually points the reference, you can see how fast you really space falling. Whereas v a skydive it"s just you and also the open up air.In a tandem skydive, you"re attached to a expert instructor which offers the security lacking on a bungee jump. We understand both tasks are safe, yet you"re doing it alone ~ above a bungee jump.

Conclusion - Which need to I do?

Both are an excellent experiences which will push you well beyond your comfort zone. If both tasks are very safe, statistics imply bungy jumping is contempt safer. Considering you"re more likely come be eliminated by a bee sting, this shouldn"t precisely be prior of mind when making your decision.

A skydive is a longer and more diverse experience which will actors you off into the air with a longer cost-free fall. You"ll get better views on both the way up and means down. You"ll gain a longer attracted out adrenaline hit and you"ll reach faster speeds 보다 you will on a bungee jump. For these reasons, I commonly recommend booking a skydive rather of a bungee jump.

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There room some points the go come the bungee jump, greatly related to price and the increased are afraid factor. As debated above, a bungee endure is commonly considered more frightening as result of the freefall proximity come the ground and also other environmental factors. It"s additionally worthwhile considering the price benefit it has actually over skydiving. If you"re top top a tight budget plan or have currently been skydiving, then a bungee jump is more than likely a far better choice for you.