When planning a record scanning service, you’ll should calculate the variety of documents you have to scan in bespeak to acquire a picture of the size and costs of her project.

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The most common methods offered to calculation your papers is by the number of bankers box or file boxes friend have, or how numerous sheets of document per inch you have in a filing cabinet or shelf.

We usually start by questioning you how plenty of boxes you have to store or scan, but here’s some more specific info on just how you have the right to calculate that number come receive an accurate quote.

How Much paper Can fit In a typical Bankers box or Copy Box

A standard banker/copy crate is usually 12.5” W x 15.5” D x 10.5” H.

Depending on the form of document and the quantity of document folders you have in each box, you can fit roughly 2,000–2,500 sheets of paper in a traditional bankers box.

How Much paper Can to the right In a Large document Box

A large file box is typically 15” W x 24” D x 10.5” H.

Depending top top the form of document and the lot of paper folders the you have in every box, you can fit approximately 4,000–4,500 sheets of paper in a large document box.

How to measure up Your files Per Inch

The number of documents per customs on a shelf or in a filing cabinet relies on how tightly the files are packed together.

On average, friend can number that you will do it have roughly 150–200 sheets per customs of space on your shelf or cabinet.

To estimate how many boxes of records you have, consider this:

If your files aren’t packed tightly and you have 150 sheets per inch, climate you need 1 traditional bankers crate for every 13–16 inches of room on your shelves.If you can not fit one an ext piece of document on your shelf, you’re most likely closer come 200 sheets every inch. In that case, you’ll need 1 standard bankers box for every 10–12 inches of room on your shelves.

Although this is an almost right number, that will give you an idea of how plenty of boxes girlfriend have, or approximately how countless actual documents that you should scan.

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Scanning and also organizing boxes full of documents takes time. Record countries has experts who have remained in the sector for years and also have the appropriate equipment come make your scanning task quick and also easy.

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