Convert between fluid ounces and also milliliters / millilitres using this handy calculator tool. Note that there are two various fluid ounces - the US fluid ounce and UK liquid ounce. A switch chart because that ounces come mL is easily accessible further down.

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How numerous mL in one ounce?

1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735 mL 1 UK fluid ounce = 28.4131 mL

How numerous ounces in a mL?

1 mL = 0.033814 US liquid ounces 1 mL = 0.0351951 UK fluid ounces

Ounces and milliliters switch charts

The chart below shows the conversion between fluid ounces and also milliliters, rounded come a preferably of 2 decimal places.

Conversion of fluid ounces come millilitersUS liquid Ounces MillilitersUK fluid OuncesMillilitres
1 fl oz29.57 mL1 fl oz28.41 mL
2 fl oz59.15 mL2 fl oz56.83 mL
3 fl oz88.72 mL3 fl oz85.24 mL
4 fl oz118.29 mL4 fl oz113.65 mL
5 fl oz147.87 mL5 fl oz142.07 mL
6 fl oz177.44 mL6 fl oz170.48 mL
7 fl oz207.01 mL7 fl oz198.89 mL
8 fl oz236.59 mL8 fl oz227.3 mL
9 fl oz266.16 mL9 fl oz255.72 mL
10 fl oz295.74 mL10 fl oz284.13 mL
Note: conversions space rounded come maximum 2 decimal places.

Conversion that milliliters to fluid ouncesMillilitersUS liquid Ounces MillilitresUK fluid Ounces
10 mL0.338 fl oz 10 mL0.352 fl oz
50 mL1.69 fl oz50 mL1.76 fl oz
100 mL3.38 fl oz100 mL3.52 fl oz
150 mL5.07 fl oz150 mL5.28 fl oz
200 mL6.76 fl oz200 mL7.04 fl oz
250 mL8.45 fl oz250 mL8.8 fl oz
300 mL10.14 fl oz300 mL10.56 fl oz
350 mL11.83 fl oz350 mL12.32 fl oz
400 mL13.53 fl oz400 mL14.08 fl oz
450 mL15.22 fl oz450 mL15.84 fl oz
500 mL16.91 fl oz500 mL17.6 fl oz
Note: conversions space rounded come maximum 2 decimal places.


Other cooking Units

should you great to convert in between other units provided in cooking, converters space also available for cups and grams, cups and ounces and also quarts and also cups.

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