Whether it"s used to serve a large or tiny scoop of ice cream, cookie dough, or mashed potatoes, every foodservice establishment needs a scoop, disher, or also both. These essential kitchen tools aid with portion control to reduce food waste, while also providing one easy way to serve food there is no sacrificing presentation.

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Types the Scoops

In the same way a fork isn"t an ideal utensil for eating soup, a disher isn"t the best tool because that serving ice cream. So then why are scoops, dishers, and spades constantly grouped together? They generally perform the very same role, but in various capacities. For the longevity of your product, that is important to recognize these differences.


Extremely functional tool; functions well together a measuring scoop because that softer foodstuffs such together vegetables, rice, or meatCommon offers include: cookie dough scoop, cupcake batter scoop, or mash potato scoopGreat because that high volume environmentsIdeal for section control many thanks to the huge variety of sizes offered, ranging from 2 teaspoons - 1 cupStainless steel bowl and shaft enable the disher to better maintain functionality, also with constant useComes in two types:


Scoop / Dipper

Generally offered for tough ice creamCreates the classic ice cream scoop shapeEasy-to-clean one-piece building and construction eliminates relocating parts and also minimizes the chance of malfunctioningMany scoop / dipper handles incorporate a non-toxic defrosting liquid that"s an excellent for 2 things:Enabling easier and faster dippingHelping to protect against ice crystals indigenous forming and also mixing with the ice cream cream, otherwise known as tub leveling



Generally provided for gelato and creamier ice cream creamsGreat because that heavy-duty or advertising useDesigned with much better leverage than scoops and also dishers, making it suitable tool for scraping under ice cream bins filled with tough ice creamHelps minimize wasted product and also maintain her establishment"s bottom line

Scoop & Disher Sizes

Dishers are commonly categorized by your size, i m sorry is based turn off of the almost right amount the servings the takes every quart or the number of ounces that holds. To do these sizes both easier to determine in a busy kitchen setting and to stop cross-contamination between foods, specific handle colors room assigned to every size. Inspect out our disher dimension chart to far better understand the selection of size on the market! This chart includes typical industry standards, but each brand may have actually slight sports so save that in mind together you shop because that the perfect dishers for your establishment, and also use this chart as a general guide.

Disher dimension Chart


Disher size (Approx. Servings every QT.)
mL (Approx.)
Fluid Oz. (Approx.)
Cup/Tablespoon/Teaspoon (Approx.)
Orange236.6 mL8 oz.1 Cup
Teal177.4 mL6 oz.3/4 Cup
White140.5 mL4.75 oz.5/8 Cup
Gray110.9 mL3.75 oz.1/2 Cup
Ivory96.1 mL3.25 oz.3/8 Cup
Green85 mL2.875 oz.1/3 Cup
Sky Blue70.2 mL2.375 oz.1/3 Cup
Royal Blue59 mL2 oz.1/4 Cup
Yellow55.5 mL1.875 oz.3 1/2 Tablespoons
Red44.4 mL1.5 oz.3 Tablespoons
Black33.3 mL1.125 oz.2 1/4 Tablespoons
Mushroom25.9 mL0.875 oz.1 3/4 Tablespoons
Orchid22.2 mL0.75 oz.1 1/2 Tablespoons
Terracotta18.5 mL0.625 oz.4 Teaspoons
Pink14.8 mL0.5 oz.1 Tablespoon
Plum11.1 mL0.375 oz.2 3/4 Teaspoons
Orange7.4 mL0.25 oz.2 Teaspoons

Featured Disher Styles


Certain dishers come in distinct styles to better suit the an innovative needs or desires of the user. Generally used for foodstuffs like hummus, butter, or soft cheeses, this specialty food dishers
boast an ambidextrous handle for lull of use, together with a stainless steel construction for durability.These featured dishers are ideal for well dining restaurants, bakeries, liquid shops, and other locations where presentation is of high importance.

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Scoop and also Spade Materials

While dishers are mainly made of stainless steel, scoops and also spades deserve to be constructed from one of a few different materials. However, girlfriend may notification not countless seem to be made the plastic. That"s because plastic has tendency to be less sturdy for the types of jobs these commodities are offered for and may also chip off into your food if overextended.


Both scoops and spades are available in aluminumCorrosion resistantLight weightCan it is in both chill or heatedAttractive for front that the home useLow maintenance


Scoops are obtainable with a non-stick surfaceEasy to cleanConsistent dimension with every scoopAllows for much faster serviceLimits the need for gloves or various other utensils to aid with release

Stainless Steel

Spades are easily accessible in stainless steelExtremely durableCorrosion resistantCan be chilled to aid keep colder products from melt or heated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to aid dish out difficult or even frozen foodsEasy to cleanAttractive for front the the residence useLow maintenance


Both scoops and spades are obtainable in zerolon materialTrademarked material by Zeroll, made of one-piece aluminum alloy with an anodized Teflon® finishEliminates compression to develop the illustration of a larger scoopSaves top top product by permitting for 20 percent an ext scoops every gallonProtected from hard or highly chlorinated water

Cleaning Guidelines

Some food dishers and also scoops room dishwasher safe, however many need to be hand washed to keep their appearance and also functionality. Because that example, any antifreeze ice cream scoop can not be offered in the dishwasher due to the fact that the conductive fluid within the handle will solidify and also lose its capacity to heat to the user"s touch.Look for the complying with certifications on product pages to recognize the appropriate method of cleaning every item:
Hand wash Only
Dishwasher Safe

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