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I assumed I would start off mine Conway Twitty blog by providing a perform of his number one singles. The factor I carry out this is due to the fact that over the years historians and critics frequently make referral to the reality of Conway having actually the "most #1 access time in nation music". Ns am additionally providing this list as a reference since Conway"s number one hit total is a combination of the chart-topping singles he accumulated not just on the weekly Billboard chart but additionally on the competitive music charts in publication during his career: Cashbox, document World, Radio and also Records. Chroniclers rightfully single-out Billboard magazine as the only resource and reference due to the fact that of the publication"s longevity and impact. However, in some cases, even a publishing as prestigious together Billboard have the right to have policies and also rules that prevent singles indigenous attaining the #1 position despite public acceptance and airplay. Ticky-tack rules sometimes prevent heavy played song from getting to this brings united state to the subject of my very first Conway room all 55 that Conway"s number one hits. His an initial chart-topper taken place on the warm 100 pop chart in 1958 and the next 54 to be country.The singles in italics suggest those that hit #1 in the various other music publications in competition with Billboard.The year indicates when it reached #1...for so late in the year releases, his singles frequently peaked beforehand the following year.Conway"s duets with Loretta Lynn room specified with 3 symbols following the year it got to number one ***1. It"s only Make Believe; 1958 pop 2. Next In Line; 19683. Darling, You recognize I Wouldn"t Lie; 1969 4. I Love You more Today; 19695. To view My angel Cry; 19696. That"s when She started To prevent Loving You; 1970 7. Hello Darlin"; 19708. Fifteen year Ago; 19709. After The Fire Is Gone; 1971***10. Just how Much an ext Can She Stand; 197111. Ns Wonder What She"ll Think around Me Leaving; 1971 12. Command Me On; 1971***13. I Can"t see Me there is no You; 1972 14. Ns Can"t stop Loving You; 197215. Lost Her Love on Our critical Date; 197216. She demands Someone To hold Her once She Cries; 197217. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man; 1973***18. You"ve never Been This far Before; 197319. Baby"s Gone; 1973 20. There"s a Honky Tonk Angel; 197421. As quickly As i Hang increase the Phone; 1974***22. I"m Not through Loving friend Yet; 1974 23. I view The desire To In your Eyes; 197424. Linda On my Mind; 197525. Feelins; 1975***26. Don"t Cry, Joni; 1975 duet through daughter, Joni Jenkins 27. Touch The Hand; 197528. This Time I"ve ache Her much more Than She Loves Me; 197629. After all The an excellent Is Gone; 197630. The Letter; 1976*** 31. The games That Daddies Play; 197632. Ns Can"t think She offers It all To Me; 197733. Play, guitar Play; 197734. I"ve currently Loved girlfriend In mine Mind; 197735. Don"t take It Away; 197936. I might Never gain To Heaven; 197937. Happy date of birth Darlin; 197938. I"d Love come Lay girlfriend Down; 198039. Rest Your Love on Me; 198140. Tight Fittin" Jeans; 198141. Red Neckin" Love Makin" Night; 198242. The Clown; 198243. Slow Hand; 198244. We Really Did but Now girlfriend Don"t; 1982 45. The Rose; 198346. Shed In The Feeling; 1983 47. Somebody"s Needin" Somebody; 198448. I Don"t know a Thing about Love; 198449. Ain"t She Somethin" Else; 198550. Don"t call Him a Cowboy; 198551. Desperado Love; 198652. Fallin" for You for Years; 1987 53. Julia; 1987 54. She"s obtained a solitary Thing In Mind; 1989 55. Crazy In Love; 1990 together the 1970"s came to a close girlfriend will an alert some gaps...the entire year that 1978 isn"t shown because none the his Top-10 singles the year saw #1 and also only one solitary in 1980 got to #1. The #1 hit-making would continue to thrive, though. The chart toppers went solid through 1986 as soon as he derived his 40th and final #1 nation hit on the Billboard chart. Once you include in his #1 popular music hit, that gives him 41 Billboard graph topping singles.

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Fourteen additional country singles reached the optimal spot in the various other music publications, i m sorry are detailed above in italic print, including to the 41 total...bringing it to 55 overall.His Billboard achievement of 40 #1 nation hits was broken by George Strait a few years earlier and so Conway slips come #2 top top the Billboard many #1 hits list. Conway had held the 40 #1 country hit document for 20 years, before George Strait took over in 2006.