What is Protium?

The basic hydrogen atom – a single proton circled through a solitary electron is also called protium.

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An isotope the an aspect is one atom that has actually the same variety of protons however a different number of neutrons. Protium is the constant version of hydrogen and also is stood for by the letter H. Protium has one proton and also no neutrons. Deuterium has one neutron and one proton – unlike the more common hydrogen atom which has actually one proton, one electron and also no neutrons.

Protium Symbol

The lighter isotope that hydrogen is recognized as ” protium” yet no chemistry symbol other than 1H has been assigned to it.

Atoms of the same element can have various numbers the neutrons; the different feasible versions that each facet are dubbed isotopes. The numbers of protons and also electrons room the very same for every isotope, as they specify the element and also its chemistry behaviour.

The element symbol of an isotopes is



A = number of protons + number of neutrons = mass numberZ = variety of protons = variety of electrons = atomic number

The shorthand writing of element symbol because that the isotopes protium is


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Protium Structure

The most usual isotope of hydrogen is protium (a hydrogen atom). A hydrogen atom is an atom of the chemical element hydrogen. The electrically neutral atom contains a solitary positively charged proton and also a solitary negatively charged electron bound come the cell nucleus by the coulomb force. The most abundant isotope, hydrogen-1, protium or light hydrogen includes no neutrons, other isotopes of hydrogen such together deuterium contain one or more neutrons.


Protium ~ above the routine Table

In the long kind of periodic table also, hydrogen has been placed along with the elements of group 1 but slightly separated to show its distinctive character and also thereby confirming the see of Mendeleeff.


Protium is represented by the symbol H. Its atom number is 1 and also mass number is likewise 1. It has one proton in the nucleus and also one electron in the 1s orbital. Naturally occurring hydrogen includes 99.985% that this isotope.

Hydrogen isotope occupy the same place in the routine table because all of them save on computer one proton each. Your chemical behaviour is comparable because of the same digital configuration. However, they differ in the physics properties which are mass dependent.

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Atomic and Physical nature of Protium

Some the the atomic and also physical nature of the three isotopes are offered below.

Relative atom mass/g mol-11.007825
Melting point/K13.957
Boiling point/K20.39
Density /g L-10.09
Enthalpy of fusion /kJ mol-10.117
Enthalpy of vaporization /kJ mol-10.904
Critical temperature/K33.19
Critical pressure/bar12.98
Enthalpy the dissociation/kJ mol-1435.9
Nuclear spin quantum number1/2

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