The Clemson Tigers are the athletic teams that represent Clemson University, situated in Clemson, south Carolina. They complete as a member that the nationwide Collegiate athletic Association (NCAA) department I level (Football key Subdivision (FBS) sub-level because that football), primarily contending in the Atlantic coastline Conference (ACC) for every sports due to the fact that the 1953 - 1954 season. Clemson competes for and has winner multiple NCAA department I national championships in miscellaneous sports, consisting of football, men"s soccer, and men"s golf.

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College sports Established1896

LocationClemson, southern Carolina

College NameClemson University

Collegiate History1973 - current / NCAA department 11921 - 1973 / University department of the NCAA1907 - 1921 / athletic Association of the joined States

Conference History1953 – present / ACC Conference1921 - 1953 / southern Conference1896 – 1921 / southern Intercollegiate strong Association

NicknameTigers - Clemson"s athletic teams have been nicknamed the Tigers since 1896, as soon as coach (and later on university president) Walter Merritt Riggs brought the surname from his alma mater, Auburn University. The name came from a Greenville News editor"s nickname because that Clemson students, and was discontinued in 1972.

NCAA ChampionshipsBaseball 0

Men"s Basketball 0

Women"s Basketball 0

Football 32018, 2016, 1981

Soccer 21987, 1984

Who is the biggest Clemson Tigers?
Trevor Lawrence Deshaun Watson Bruce Murray Isaiah Simmons
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To qualify together a best player because that this team, the player must have actually played one season because that this team. If not, we will eliminate the player.


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