No doubt, did you do it heard the ax “new normal” too plenty of times. You recognize that chefs should adjust, yet now you need to recognize how and also what functions in the brand-new normal. In ~ the ACF nationwide Convention, Certified master Chefs and senior culinary leaders will certainly talk around the precise ways they room addressing subject like work-related policies, sustainable food, entrepreneurship, cook cannabis, and also more.

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Explore advanced Techniques and Trends

Behind the bowl Up with Chef Joseph Leonardi, CMC, AAC

A jar culinary competitor and also ACF cook Team USA member and coach, this Certified understand Chef will attract on his deep endure to carry insights to culinary leaders. He opens the ACF national Convention with a an effective discussion around the battles all chefs face.

Learn techniques to enhance employee retention, coach her team to find out from mistakes, and show them just how to safely grow in this high-stress profession.

Advanced Pastry: emphasis on contemporary Chocolate approaches with candid Vollkommer, CMPC

Learn progressed pastry approaches from among the couple of CMPCs in the country. Certified grasp Pastry Chef, frank Vollkommer, CMPC, will certainly share expert tips and techniques to produce multi-textural coco snack bars. His demonstrate will incorporate the use of a rock grinder to prepare fillings, the development of textural elements, and an innovative ways because that enrobing and garnishing. That will additionally demonstrate several hand-made techniques and also discuss the use of modern equipment and also technology, such together water jet cutting and also chocolate enrobers.

Chef Vollkommer is the director of culinary Industry advance at Auguste Escoffier college of cook Arts and also has end 30 years of suffer within every sectors that the culinary, pastry, and also confectionery industries.

Making a difference Through Food & Hospitality with Ed Leonard, CMC, AAC

Master cook Edward Leonard will share his an effective message about culinary leadership. In this vital session, that will explain which qualities all chefs should hone and also how you can do it. When these skills are linked with innovation and also commitment, it deserve to ensure success also in challenging times.

Chef Leonard will share his insights, philosophy, and passion because that our profession as he gift his demonstration the will focus on the require for recurring innovation.

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Don’t miss out on the various other CMCs that will existing on the ACF national Convention virtual platform!

$99 virtual Convention overcome Available

Can’t do it in human to the ACF nationwide Convention? now you have the right to attend virtually! You’ll still obtain to endure cutting-edge demos by skilled chefs, watch the live competitions and also awards ceremonies, network, and also earn proceeding Education hrs (CEHs) toward keeping your ACF certifications!

Attend to maintain Your ACF Certifications

ACF certified chefs will earn proceeding education hours (CEHs) for attending educational seminars, demonstrations, trade show, and also general sessions in ~ the ACF national Convention. Complete registrations because that both in-person and virtual will certainly earn at the very least 23 CEHs.