Interesting Facts around The holy Quran

Quran truth Figures regarding Verses, Words, Huroofs and Their consumption With Animations and Graphs

The working listed below is based upon Quran’s straightforward Script, additionally known as Imla’ei script. The advanced advancement of computing technology is currently used in various religious texts along with Quran. Digital Quranic text corpus is now made with various modifications and has to be widely used in the development of Quranic researches using the multidisciplinary ideologies in various fields by utilizing the corpus etymological approach.

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Quran Total number of Chapters:


Quran Total number of Makki Surahs:

86 (75.4%)

Quran Total number of Madni Surahs:

28 (24.6%)

Quran Total variety of Verses through BismiAllah:


Quran Total variety of Verses:


Quran Total number of Words:


Quran Total number of Unique Words:


Quran Total variety of Letters:


Quran has actually a full of 114 Surahs/Chapters with 86 (75.4%) Surahs/chapters revealed in Mecca and 28 (24.6%) chapters in Madina. Total variety of verses in Quran is 6236 v the BismiAllah not had except for Surah Fatihah. Through Bismillah contained the total number of Quranic Verses is 112 + 6236 = 6348. Out of 6236 complete verses 4613(76%) verses revealed in Mecca and 1623(26%) that verses revealed in Madina. There room a complete of 77,797 native in Quran. This words are distributed as 47,638 in Makki Surahs and 30,159 in Madni Surahs respectively. Although the total variety of words in Quran are 77,797 however the number of “Unique Words” that is words without repetition is 14,870.

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Quran has actually a total variety of 330,709 Letters/Characters. These letters are spread as 200,137 in Makki and 130,572 in Madni Surahs.