You"ve discovered pounds the flour in a recipe, yet you"re not acquainted with these units! This pounds to cup calculator is the solution to her problem. Not only you can transform flour pounds to cups, but additionally cups of street to pounds. Wonder how numerous cups in a lb of butter? Or how plenty of sticks that butter in a pound? Easy-peasy! role down, and you"ll find a simple explanation, switch table, and even a tiny buttery infographic. If you"re looking to transform from metric systems of weight, inspect out our well-known grams to cups calculator.

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Weight is usually much more accurate as soon as it comes to measuring the quantity of cooking ingredients girlfriend need. If you like volume systems such as cups, you deserve to use our pounds to cups calculator! However, you need to remember the densities of assets vary among brands, so the one you have actually may different a bit. We"ve liked the averaged worth from several sources, therefore the value must be much more or much less fine. If your recipe doesn"t need high precision, our pounds to cups calculator is a for sure bet.

Below, you"ll discover the conversions not only for two popular flour options - all-purpose and cake flour - but also for 7 other varieties of flour:

One lb of flour converted to cups: Flour form US cups UK cup
(wheat) all purpose 3.2 3
(wheat) for baking 4.3 4
buckwheat 2.9 2.7
barley 3.1 3
corn 3.5 3.3
rye 2.9 2.7
soy 2.8 2.7
corn starch 2.9 2.8
potato starch 2.7 2.5

Flour is critical ingredient in baking, but also if you"re a fan of pancakes or crêpes.

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Challenge yourself and try one the 15 distinctive recipes for pancakes from almost everywhere the world - girlfriend won"t be disappointed!

We"ve all set the counter table for a fast comparison of different sugar types:

1 lb of street in cups Sugar united state cups UK cup
Granulated sugar 2.3 2.1
Powder sugar 3.4 3.2
Brown sugar 2.4 2.3
1 us cup of street in pounds sugar Pounds lb
Granulated sugar 0.4
Powder sugar 0.3
Brown sugar 0.4

If you desire to know one more conversion than one street cup to pounds, just use our tool!

If you"re wondering how plenty of sticks of butter in a pound the answer is an easy - four. Also, one cup the butter equals two sticks, for this reason one pound of butter is indistinguishable to 2 cups:


Find below other quick conversions because that butter measures:

1/4 pound of butter = 0.5 cup of butter = 1 stick1/2 pound of butter = 1 cup the butter = 2 sticks3/4 lb of butter = 1.5 cup that butter = 3 sticks1 lb of butter = 2 cup that butter = 4 sticks1.5 pounds the butter = 3 cup of butter = 6 sticks2 pounds that butter = 4 cup of butter = 8 sticks

If girlfriend are food preparation pasta because that dinner tonight, you may want come look at the dried to cooking pasta converter, come make sure you room using the best measurements.