In this podcast illustration you will hear explanations of the miscellaneous Olympic monitor events, a preview of the men’s and also women’s marathon, and also tips from Coach Angie ~ above some efficient speed workouts to execute on your local track.

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Maybe girlfriend didn’t run track in high school or college and also might not be acquainted with the ranges or terminology.

What to know around an the end track:

The outdoor track is 400 meter around. At home tracks are 200 meters.The length of 1 straightaway is 100 metersThe track has two 100 meter straightaways and also two 100 meter curves4 laps or 1600 meter is almost 1 mile. Technically a mile is 1609.34 (so 30.65 feet longer than 1600 meters)

We can be biased but we think the track and field events in the Olympics are few of the many entertaining events to watch. And they have the longest background going all the means back to the ancient games.

Sprints | 100 | 200 | 400

Sprints or dashes were a feature of the old Olympic games which took place between 776 B.C. To A.D. 393, and also for numerous decades were the only event. Countless citizens would turn out to watch males (only men ago then) run about a stadium naked.

From the publication The roadway to Sparta by Dean Karnazas,

The original Olympic footrace distances were not ultramarathons or also marathons for that matter, but reasonably short sprints. The first of these to run races was dubbed a stade, and it contained a roughly 200 meter dash approximately the perimeter that the arena. Spectators who came to watch this athletic competitions satellite in stadiums (from i beg your pardon the modern-day word is derived).

There space 3 sprint distances held at the modern Olympics (and outdoor human being Championships): the 100 metres, 200 metres, and also 400 metres.

100 Meters

This is run on the straightaway of the track. Friend will check out runners use beginning blocks and also the classic “ready, set, go” start. Usain Bolt has clocked the fastest 100 meter time in ~ 9.58 seconds and also is referred to as “the fastest guy in the world”. The fastest woman of every time in the 100 meter is Elaine Thompson-Herah likewise of Jamaica v a time of 10.70.


200 Meters

This race begins on the curve of the track wherein runners space staggered come ensure castle all run the same distance and also ends top top the straightaway. The document holder below again is Usain Bolt with a time of 19.19 seconds.

If friend Google “how countless miles an hour go Usain Bolt run it says 27.3 miles an hour.

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If friend Google “Usain Bolt compared to animals” you will find that Bolt deserve to outrun a wild turkey, squirrel, domestic pig, chicken and also a rat yet he would shed to a domestic cat, a giraffe, a wildebeest, a kangaroo, and also warthog.