Smokey Robinson is one 80 year old American, previous R&B and also pop singer and also songwriter, producer, and also record executive. That is renowned for gift the frontman for his group ‘The Miracles’ i m sorry released height chart tracks in between 1955 and 1972.

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He likewise ran a successful solo career after leaving the group, winning number of awards. Smokey Robinson retirement from music to emphasis on wanting to be the vice president of Motown. The later emerged as a solo artist before hanging his boots. In this article, we will emphasis on Smokey Robinson’s net worth and also current mam Frances Glandney.

Smokey Robinson’s first Wife, Claudette Rogers Robinson.

Claudette Rogers Robinson, 78 years old, is at this time an American singer and also songwriter. She is mostly known for being a member that the ‘The Miracles whereby she changed her brother, among the co-founder of the group who join the united state army.She is also known for being the an initial wife that Smokey Robinson, the lead singer that the group. The two gained married on 7th November 1959 with hopes of having actually a family.However, as result of an active music career, things did no go together planned. Claudette had seven miscarriages because of a hectic schedule. However, she bore him two children named Berry and Tamla, a boy and also a girl.
Caption: Smokey Robinson with very first wife, Claudette Rogers Robinson
In 1986, ~ 27 years of marriage, Smokey and also Claudette terminated your relationship. This divorce later lugged controversy between the 2 years after ~ Smokey declared possession of several of the song they co-wrote and also sang v his previous wife. This matter had actually to be settled before the jury.

Smokey Robinson is currently married come Frances Glandney.

More than fifteen years later, Smokey made decision to resolve down with another woman. He to be 62 year old when he married his second wife, Frances Glandney, in 2002. There are no good details around their wedding details or exactly how long castle dated before getting married.
Caption: Smokey Robinson v his wife, Frances Glandney
Also, the two have not had any child because they got together. They have lived a relaxed life in their house in Pittsburg. Lock now have a wine repertoire in their home. There have actually never been any kind of controversies in your marriage. The two are farming old in love.

Frances Glandney Bio.

Frances Glandney is a expert fashion designer. She is primarily known for being the second wife the Smokey, but her job has likewise earned she a name and a living. There room no fine details around her and also does no have any wiki around her, however it is clear that she has actually been a good wife to she husband.

Smokey Robinson Children.

Berry william Borope.

Berry wilhelm is the firstborn son of Smokey. He had him native his an initial marriage. There space no fine details around him other than he was born in 1968.It is essential to keep in mind that he has a pretty impressive name, the was named after the owner that Motown, Berry Gordy Jr. His 2nd name belongs come his grandfather, and also his 3rd name is a combination of 3 names belong to three of his parent’s crew members, Bobby, Ronnie, and Pete.
Caption: Smokey Robinson with boy Berry wilhelm Borope


Smokey had actually an to work with an additional unknown woman who bore him a boy in 1984. The was called Trey, and also after admitting come infidelity, this price him his marital relationship that ended two years after his 2nd son was born.

Tamla Claudette.

Tamla to be the second and last born daughter that Claudette, Born in 1971, roughly two years after the firstborn. Like his brother, there space no well details of her.However, she likewise has a brand-new name that adhered to the same pattern together his brothers, her very first name, Tamla, to be the name of Motown’s original record label, and her second name belonged to she grandmother.
Caption: Smokey Robinson v his daughter Tamla Claudette

Smokey Robinson net Worth.

As the 2020, Smokey’s network worth is approximated to be 100 million; some sources offer a greater value of approximately 120 million united state dollars.He started to develop his wealth earlier in 1960 once he very first released 26 of the height forty hit songs in the chart v his team ‘The Miracles’ together the frontman and songwriter. This tendency went on because that a decade. In 1988, he winner the Grammy Award because that his solitary track, which he developed as a solo artist.Like Michael Jackson, whose wealth ongoing to thrive after his death, Smokey’s network worth continued to acquire bigger even though he retired from an active music career. He continued to sell numerous his albums worldwide.
Caption: Singer, Smokey Robinson net worth
Apart indigenous music, Smokey is additionally a businessman, and also he started a food firm named Smokey Robinson foodstuffs that sells ready to eat meals.This undertaking was an extremely successful due to the fact that he relocated with it on his number of music tours, where he met huge crowds. He additionally owns stocks because that Cover Girl cosmetics and also has a fashion line called Smokey Robinson Seduction.Smokey has lived a luxurious life, and he had sophisticated retirement plan. ~ above his properties, he own a mansion in Hollywood Hills that was worth 8.75 million. This information came out only after the house was noted for bidding. The was additionally revealed that he had actually not resided in the residence for close to a decade.The mansion is a high-end mansion through a swim pool and also spa, spacious gazebo, designer furnished, v well-done lawns and lies on approximately 1.5 acres of land. There room no details about his various other properties favor cars, however he has actually not denied self anything he have the right to afford from the look at of things.

Quick Facts around Smokey Robinson.

He to be born top top 19th Feb 1940 in Detroit, Michigan, unified States. His genuine name is william Smokey Robinson Jr. Various other singing, his ca beat guitar and also piano.Smokey lived drug-free life till he obtained to his twenties when he started to acting marijuana and likewise used cocaine.He has actually never take away meat since 1972 for health and wellness issues. He likewise does yoga and keeps fit by resting a lot. No wonder that is still solid at 80.

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Smokey’s Wiki and also Facts.

Full nameWilliam Smokey Robinson JrAge86 YearsDate the Birth19th FebruaryPlace that Birth1940 Detroit, Michigan, joined StatesProfessionSinger, Songwriter, and ProducerNet worthUSD 100 millionWifeFrances GlandneyKidsBerry, Trey, and TamlaNationalityAmericanEthnicityUnknownZodiac SignAquariusParentsWilliam Robinson