WWE star Randy Orton confronted Alexa Bliss in a rare intergender complement on in march 21 and also wife Kim was no happy with small Miss Bliss ~ the match concluded.

Kim Orton, 35, warned Alexa Bliss "you might’ve simply f***ed up small girl" top top Twitter after Bliss pinned and also straddled her husband in ~ WWE Fastlane.


Kim Orton met her husband in ~ a WWE live event in Poughkeepsie, NYCredit: Instagram

Who is WWE star Randy Orton's wife Kim and how walk they meet?

Randy Orton is among the couple of wrestlers these days who married someone who does not work directly in the rings business.

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Kimberly Marie Kessler Orton, 35, is a socialite born in brand-new York City.

Before marrying Orton, Kessler was a huge WWE and also wrestling fan.

She would certainly joke to her friends and family that one day she would meet and marry The Viper Randy Orton.


Randy and Kim article pictures and also videos of every other all over InstagramCredit: Instagram

The pair first met in ~ live event in Poughkeepsie, brand-new York, in 2012 when she was a member of his fan club.

While at this display Orton spots she in the crowd, introduces himself, and also Kim says they were inseparable ever since.

During an interview ~ above WWE Network's Unfiltered through Renee Young she said, "In my brain, method before ns met Randy, he was my boyfriend."

On another WWE tv display Table for 3 she additionally said that three years before the 2 met she predicated that if "they would certainly make out and he would autumn in love with her."

After Kim and Orton dated for a few months, the proposed to her during a romantic holidays to Bora Bora.


Kim accompanies Randy to WWE's red carpet occasions like WWE hall of FameCredit: Instagram

The two married four months later on November 14, 2015, in las Vegas, v Kim's three sons and Orton's daughter in attendance.

Orton common that his wife would lie about dating him in the beginning of your relationship since of his fame, and her desire because that privacy.

She to be criticized by virtual trolls who called her a "gold digger," and was accused by fans of removed his pan mail.

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How many children do Kim and Randy Orton have?

Kim has youngsters from a previous marriage, and also is chop lipped as soon as it concerns her first marriage.