(Businessman, Investor, tv Host, and also Philanthropist)

Mike Holmes is a expert contractor/builder who has experience of over 35 years in the industry. Mike runs and hosts his own TV show, Holmes on dwellings with his children.

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He learned construction from his father, who taught him when he was 6 year old.

After security time on building and construction work during his childhood, he began his first contracting company at the period of 19 with a crew the 13 employees.


Mike Holmes attended eastern York Collegiate Institute. That excelled in shop and also auto mechanics, citing such classes as component of what enticed that into expert trades.

Mike Holmes: Professional Life, Career

The Holmes Foundation

Mike began The Holmes structure in 2006. The function of The Holmes structure is come encourage young people to enter building trades.

Furthermore, it also assists those who have actually been impoverished by bad renovations.


In 2006, Mike was honored in Canada’s house of Commons because that his promo of experienced trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards.

Writing career

Mike Holmes has written two successful books: the nationwide bestseller house Renovation through Canada’s most Trusted Contractor and also Holmes Inspection: every little thing You have to Know prior to You buy or offer Your Home.

In addition, he has also written a weekly newspaper column.

Other Works

Mike Holmes is the nationwide spokesperson because that Skills/Compétences Canada and for WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

Mike is also active in the tv world. The transfer on HGTV Canada, ‘Holmes top top Homes’ first started in 2001.

Also, he has actually been a guest for Ellen twice.

Mike Holmes: Awards

Mike Holmes won the Gemini Awards: Viewers’ choice Award in 2004.

Additionally, ~ above February 21, 2008, the british Columbia institute of technology awarded that an Honorary Doctorate that Technology.

Furthermore, he likewise received Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal, top top June 18, 2012.

Mike Holmes: network Worth, salary

Mike has actually an approximated net precious of about $30 million. However, his salary is unknown.

Mike Holmes: Controversy

Mike’s comment concerning the Canadian home builders in among the concerns of readers Digest attractive a fair amount that controversies.

Additionally, the occupants of Winnipeg were not happy with among the jobs that Mike was part of throughout 2013.

Body Measurements

Mike Holmes has auburn hair and blue eyes. His height is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m. And also weighs about 83 kg.

Social Media

He has much more than 253k pendant on Twitter. In addition, that has an ext than 80k followers on Instagram. Similarly, his Facebook page has more than 359k followers and 12.9k subscribers ~ above the Youtube channel.

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