How lot is Gladys article worth? Gladys items is one American actress, author, and also a singer. Together of 2021, her network worth is $30 milion.

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Gladys article is an American actress, businesswoman, author, songwriter, and additionally a singer. She is likewise a 7 time Grammy winner. The center name that Gladys article is Maria. She is likewise known for her hit records with her group, The Pips. She is better to know with the title of “Empress of Soul.”

She was born on might 28th in the year 1944 in Atlanta City in Georgia USA. Currently, she is 76 years, a elevation of 1.61m, load 121.25 lbs and also holds one American nationality. She has likewise recorded two number-one single, i beg your pardon is “Midnight Train to Georgia” and also “That’s what friends space for.” She has additionally recorded 11 number-one R&B singles. She has additionally recorded the theme tune for the James shortcut film patent to kill.

As of 2021, Gladys Knight's network worth is approximated at $30 million.

Gladys Knight beforehand life

She is a talented singer indigenous a young age. She to be born in Atlanta in Georgia. She had likewise made she solo debut in ~ the age of 4. After that, in ~ the period of 8, she make “The Pips” v her siblings Merald and Brenda and two cousins Elenor and also William. After part time, the various other two cousins of she joined Edward and also Langston.

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Net worth$30 millionProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Actress, Author, ModelHusbandWilliam McDowell, Barry Hankerson, Les Brown, James NewmanKids3Birthday28 may 1944Age76 yearsHeight5 feet 4 inchesNationalityAmerican

Gladys Knight an individual life

Gladys has 3 children, and she has additionally married 4 times. First, she was married come James Newman in the year 1960. Her first husband to be a medicine addict and likewise left the household when she was 20 years old. After ~ that, she gained retired from pips for she children and then pips toured through them. After that, she joined Pips again because that her family members after having her daughter Kenya.

After that, in 1973, she divorced James. In 1974 she again obtained married come Barry Hankerson in Detroit. ~ that, they have actually a son and also then divorce in 1979. Then in the year 1995, she married Les Brown, and they additionally divorced in 1997. Climate she join Gamblers anonymous to quit she Gambling habit after ~ she shed $60,000 in one night.

Gladys knight Discography

She has done numerous songs in her career several of them room I to be coming residence again in 1978; ns was still captured up with you in 1978, it is what girlfriend were for in 1985, Licence to death in 1989, settle in 2010, ns who have actually nothing in 2011, quickly in 2015, simply a small in 2015 and many an ext songs that she has actually done.

Gladys items Husband

She has four husbands James Newman, Barry Hankerson, Les Brown and, william McDowell. James Newman is a musician that gets divorced in 1973, Barry Hankerson creates background records, and they gain divorced in 1979. Climate she married Les Brown, and they obtain divorced in 1997, and also he was a motivational speaker. Then, she marries wilhelm McDowell, who has a neighborhood centre, i m sorry is a institution attended by McDowell.

Gladys article kids

She has three children. Her first son Jimmy Neman III was born on august 13, 1962. Jimmy owns Newman management Inc.; then she has a daughter in 1963, whose name is Kenya. She is a businesswoman. Then Knight has actually her youngest boy Shanga Hankerson he has his restaurant.

Gladys items siblings

She has actually three siblings. Her an initial brother is Merald article Jr., who is a singer. She likewise has a sisters whose surname is Brenda Knight, that is also a singer. And also her last brothers is David knight.

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Gladys article house and residence

She resides on a farm yard in north Carolina, and also her family lives in ras Vegas.