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I have constantly been physical fit, fine actually, permit me rephrase that, not fit, but constantly muscular choose the large boy large bone type. However when the lockdown compelled me to stay at home, I became a sedentary sloth. The only exercise I gained was wade from my bed to the refrigerator.

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And since I was stressed by simply having to stay residence (who wasn’t?) and beyond bored out of my mind, I invested the entirety day mindlessly snacking.

You deserve to guess what happened: I gained weight, feel sluggish, and felt really bad whenever ns looked in ~ the mirror. However how can I exercise once I couldn’t even step the end of mine house? That’s once I came across the 100 Jumping a day Jacks Challenge.

Jumping in ~ the Chance

Blame it on Instagram and also Pinterest. Ns came across pictures of civilization who declared they got their toned 10 load looking abs just by doing 100 jumping jacks a day. One influencer also said that “Jumping jacks is the ideal exercise because that burning belly fat!”

No pre-workouts. No crazy supplements. No complex routines. No home gym equipment. No an elaborate moves.

It was the perfect exercise regimen for someone favor me, that didn’t have actually the room for lifting weights, the grace because that Zumba or various other online dance classes, or the money for special diet pills and shakes.

Tbh, ns couldn;t even afford a pair that the cheapest dumbbells the my regional sports store sold, which are the most an easy piece the equipment, so this difficulty was perfect because that me.

I to be still skeptical about how lot fat I might actually burn v such a straightforward move, yet I figured, what was there to lose?

Benefits the Jumping Jacks


Good for the heart

Jumping jacks are considered an aerobic cardio exercise, since the heart needs to pump much more oxygen to accomplish the burst in energy demands. End time, it strengthens your heart and lowers your threat for love disease.

Improves muscle coordination

As friend go with each jumping jack, your mind and muscles work together to maintain a rhythm, relocate in coordination, and also keep her balance.

Gives you a complete body workout

During a jumping jack, you are activating all the muscle in your eight (triceps and biceps), foot (hamstrings, calves, quads), shoulder (abductors, adductors), core, and chest. Girlfriend can also increase the strongness by adding weights, or by law more facility jumping jack variations

Relieves stress

Exercise releases endorphins, or hormone which manage your mood. It provides you a herbal “high” and likewise keeps her mind from dwelling on an unfavorable thoughts.

Anyone deserve to do it

You can do jumping jacks at any type of age or level of physical fitness. Start with slow, low intensity to adjust with much less reps and also slower pace, then slowly increase the sets and speed together you feeling stronger.

Improves endurance, stamina, and stability

You might be wobbly and also weak at the start, yet over time, you’ll be able to maintain suitable posture and breathing even with longer and more daunting repetitions.

This is because your body is adapting and also you are boosting upon your endurance and stamina which allows your body to enhance in physics performance. This can assist prepare you for more complicated exercise routines

What taken place After act Jumping Jacks daily for 1 Month

So here’s what i promised myself: ns would carry out 100 jumping jacks a day, because that 30 days straight. I videotaped my experience in a diary.


The very first days to be painful. It had been for this reason long because I had done any kind the activity, for this reason after just doing 20, ns was already breathing heavily and turning red.

By the eightieth jumping jack, i was ready to keel over, but pushed v to the end—but ns won’t lie, i was barely lifting myself off the floor in the last set.

Yeah, ns was the end of shape and I recognize this. I am offered to lifting hefty weights rather than law exercises for toning and getting ripped.


The jumping jacks were less complicated to do; i noticed that i was preserving my type better, and also could do much more sets prior to I feel tired.

However, ns was obtaining bored native doing level jumping jacks. To shake up the routine, ns looked at part variations favor clap jumping jacks and alternative jumping jacks.

I wasn’t shedding weight, nor did i see any difference in my muscle tone.

No surprise: it had only been a week. However, i could currently feel an innovation in my psychological alertness and mood.

I would execute my jumping jacks in the morning before sitting in ~ my desk. Before, I necessary several cup of coffee to shake off the sluggishness. Now, ns felt energized and also calm in ~ the begin of each day.

I take it my load again at the end of week 2 and also noticed i had lost a pound. I take my weight in the morning together this is as soon as the best time to execute it is.


They speak it takes 21 days to a construct a habit. By this time, my body looked for exercise, and actually took pleasure in it. I think that’s among the finest things that have actually come out of this jumping jack challenge: from being 100% sedentary, i was completely committed come becoming an ext fit and also healthy.

I in reality felt off if i did not get any type of exercise in the day.

Following the recommendations of skilled trainers and in this case, mine girlfriend, I combined jumping jacks v a 10 and 20-minute HIIT exercise.

This increased the calorie burn, and gave me a bigger variety of routines to sustain my interest.


And after a sweaty workout, i wasn’t going come lose any ground by overeating. Ns downloaded a food application so I might monitor and control my calorie intake. I was laying the structure for a really healthy lifestyle—yay!

I reweighed myself, i had lost a full of 2.5 lbs. Yes, it has been 3 weeks, however this is still great considering the does no take much time in ~ all.


By the critical day that the month, I had lost 4.5 pounds (or an mean of 1 lb a week).

I felt less bloated and also sluggish, and also the best component was that i had more energy throughout the day, and also had created a heavy diet and also exercise routine.

So the 100 Jumping Jacks challenge didn’t offer me perfect abs, however it spicy me in the ideal direction.

Did I notice any transforms at every in my abs? not really, but my body did feeling a bit tighter.


How many calories deserve to I burn native doing jumping jacks?

The amount of calorie you burn depends on your current weight and also the soot of your exercise. Slow jumping jacks with small movements will certainly not it is in as efficient as doing it easily while consciously activating every the muscle groups.

But if you perform jumping jacks properly, girlfriend burn an median of 8 per minute if you weigh 120 pounds, and around 16 calories every minute if friend weigh about 250 pounds.

How plenty of jumping jacks carry out I need to do to lose weight?

100 jumping jacks are not sufficient to shed a far-ranging amount of weight. Aim because that at least 5 sets of 50 jumping jacks, and be certain to save the intensity level high enough to reach the “fat burn” rate.

Since load loss is a matter of calorie deficit, or burning more calories than you eat, you additionally need come watch your diet. Take lots of vegetables, skinny proteins, dietary fiber, and also healthy fat.

Avoid sugary drinks and also junk food.

Can jumping jacks burn belly fat?

Sorry, but no exercise have the right to spot mitigate fat—whether it’s 100 crunches a day, a ton that sit ups a day, 1,000 jumping jacks, or even a 1,000 crunches. If you’re walking to shed weight, you will lose it all end your body.

That doesn’t typical that you will do it never attain your dream abs. Body weight cardio exercises favor jumping jacks (as well as similar exercises choose burpees and also mountain climbers) do assist with fat loss. Lock activate her cardiovascular and metabolic systems. You not only burn calories throughout the workout, however even after.

However, to press your body right into the “fat burning zone” fitness experts recommend combining jumping jacks with HIIT exercises (specifically Tabata) or running.

If friend really desire to press your line and assist your body burn fat, integrate jumping jacks with stamin training.

Do 100 jumping jacks and lift hand weights, hand weights or kettle bells. The more muscle girlfriend have, the much more calories your body burns even when it’s in ~ rest.

I’m law a ton of daily jumping jacks—why am i not shedding weight?

You’re not watching calories


Even if you’re jumping jacks burn 500 calories, friend won’t lose weight unless you have a calorie deficit. Ideal diet is a must! additionally watch out for “hidden” calorie that room derailing your diet. Countless sauces and also soups have a high quantity of fat and sugar, and also energy bars, fruit smoothies, and even protein powders deserve to actually have a the majority of salt, sugar and also fat. Also protein shakes deserve to as well.

You have to be on the lookout for these things, if you room going to shot and stay healthy and balanced by supplementing with an excellent quality options. You want to look because that protein powders short in sodium, short in sugar, and also decently short in fat.

Ka’chava is my favorite protein source. Ns drink one every morning. Girlfriend can check out the flavor I get here.

 You’re no getting enough sleep

Working the end 7 job a main without enough sleep, her muscles won’t recover from a workout. There are likewise studies that present that as soon as you absence sleep, her metabolism slowly down, and you’re more likely to make poor food choices the next day.

Your program isn’t high intensity

Low-intensity workouts have the right to improve flexibility and coordination, but you require to gain your heart rate up for your body to begin burning calories. Rise the speed of her workout and shorten the breaks in between sets.

You’re not using suitable form


For jumping jacks to really work, you should activate every the muscle groups: shoulders, arms, legs, chest, and abdomen or core. Pay attention to her posture and also whether you’re using the ideal movements. If necessary, do it in former of a winter or film yourself.

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100 Jumping Jacks a day Keeps the Doc Away

Even if ns didn’t lose a many weight, i am an extremely happy the I started doing 100 jumping jacks a day. It to be a good starting point for someone prefer me, who generally detests cardio exercise and also (at the time) had actually no access to exercise equipment.

It helped strengthen my love for more demanding workouts. It emerged my coordination and endurance, so i was ultimately able to perform more facility body weight routines. And most that all, it offered me motivation to take care of my body. The alone is a great reason to jump for joy!