At Pixie Faire, we market doll apparel patterns for 18 customs dolls together as American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, ours Generation Dolls, My Life As, and Springfield Dolls. We also offer doll clothing patterns for 18 inch Journey Girls, 18 inch BFC, Ink. Dolls 18 inch Kidz N Cats, 18 inch Gotz, and also 21 inch Karito Kids Dolls particularly sized because that each doll type. For much more doll measurements and reveiws scroll down to the bottom that the post and click ~ above the doll brand/type.

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Here is one Illustration mirroring the body measurements for number of of these varieties of dolls through a picture of them next by side because that clarity. This first set of pictures lists simple measurements in a few places. To include clarification to the chart, the waist is measured at the side tag, hips measured about the largest component of the bottom, chest measured right under the arms, arms measured to the wrist, and legs measured in ~ the inseam to the floor.


Here is a photo with 4 various American Girl Dolls and also their slim variations in measurements. Mia is the biggest doll that we have and Molly is the smallest and has a slightly longer body than all of the various other AG’s that we have. Most AG dolls that you are sewing for space made through Mattel, if a customer has actually a Pre Mattel doll lock usually recognize it and also know that they are a bit Chubbier. The Pre Mattel doll that we have doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be that much bigger, however most are. The LJC Patterns have been fitted to the Mia Doll’s measurements.


Here are a few updated charts with more indepth side by next measurements. An initial chart is for 18 customs dolls comparable to American Girl body form and fit. (right click to save the image to print it out for future reference, or view bigger on your residence computer). Us recommend using these dimensions as a guide for identify which patterns might work because that a doll you have actually that we don"t specifically design pattern for. The illustration reflects where every measurement has actually been taken. Err top top the next of a little larger and make changes from the pattern.

This following chart reflects several other types of dolls" measurements that we have actually specifically designed sample for here at Pixie Faire. The shaded columns identify similarly sized dolls. These patterns may be a nearby fit for both dolls. 

The following chart shows dimensions for a range of 13"-18" dolls the we have actually patterns because that at Pixie Faire. 


Looking for much more in-depth doll measurements and doll reviews?

Click the doll brand/type ~ above the list listed below to walk to the complete doll review with measurments, and indepth information.

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Bitty Baby, Bitty Twin, Melissa and Doug 15" infant Doll

Ruby Red Fashion girlfriend 15" Doll

Boy Dolls 16" - 18"

Our Generation 18" Dolls

Journey girls 18" Dolls

A Girl For all Time 16" Dolls

WellieWishers 14.5" Dolls

Hearts because that Hearts girls Dolls




April 16, 2021

I noticed that the 18" Gotz doll is mentioned. I have actually just obtained a Gotz “Happy Kidz” doll and it is 19.5" tall. I did not see any type of mention the the taller Gotz doll. Lock do have several various sizes. Isn’t this doll taken into consideration to it is in in the same group as the general group similar to the American Girl? I have not done measurements yet yet I do setup on making clothing that is interchangeable with the 18" size doll.

Does everyone else have actually this Happy Kidz doll? Is over there any difficulty with utilizing the 18" size patterns through a little adjustment for elevation with the 19.5" doll?