Tupac. Operation D.M.C. Is the most crucial rap group ever and also has never won a Grammy, and also Tupac is the greatest rapper ever and also has never ever won a Grammy. It’s fitting. (He to be nominated 6 times, though.)

How plenty of times did 2pac won Grammy Award?

Shakur has actually been nominated 6 times….Grammy Awards.

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YearNominee / workAwardResult
Me versus the World
Best laboratory Album

Did Tupac ever before win any type of awards?

American Music award for favourite Artist Rap/Hip-HopSoul Train Music compensation for best Rap AlbumSoul Train Music compensation for ideal Album the the YearTupac Shakur/Awards

Which rapper has actually the many Grammys?

Jay ZCurrently tied through Kanye West, Jay Z stop the difference of rapper through the most GRAMMY wins in history. That made his GRAMMY power debut at the 48th GRAMMY Awards in 2006 when he teamed with Linkin Park and also Paul McCartney because that a medley the “Numb/Encore” and also “Yesterday.”


How countless times walk Tupac go platinum?

Tupac has released a complete of 11 platinum albums: four throughout his career, through seven much more released posthumously. To date, Tupac has sold much more than 75 million records worldwide.

Did Jimi Hendrix win any type of awards?

Grammy Lifetime accomplishment AwardGrammy hall of FameNME award for many MissedJimi Hendrix/Awards

When go Tupac Shakur win a Grammy Award?

Grammy Awards 2000 finest Rap Solo power For “Changes” 1997 ideal Rap Album for the album “All Eyez O 1997 best Rap performance by a Duo or team S 1997 best Rap power by a Duo or group S 1996 finest Rap Album because that the album “Me against

What walk Tupac victory at the resource Awards?

He has won 2 awards the end of 3 nominations. The source Awards is an yearly award show produced by The source Magazine which honors both hip-hop and also R&B performers for your contributions come hip-hop. Shakur has actually been nominated in 2003 for solitary of the Year (Male Solo Artist).

When did Tupac victory the MOBO Music Award?

The MOBO Awards are awards in “Music of black Origin”, developed in 1996 through Kanya King and Andy Ruffell. That is held every year in the united kingdom to recognise artist of any type of ethnicity or nationality performing black color music. Shakur to be nominated and also won because that Best video in 1996 because that California Love.

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How plenty of Grammy nominations go Axl and also Tupac get?

Tupac had actually plenty the California Love, but zero Grammy love. This boys have only racked up five nominations in their 40-plus year career, none of which resulted in a win. In spite of three nominations, Axl and also the boys have never acquired one that those golden gramophones.