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Born:October 16, 1977 (age 44)BridgeportConnecticut...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Grammy award (2009)Grammy compensation (2006)Grammy award (2004)Grammy compensation (2002)...(Show more)

John Mayer, in full John Clayton Mayer, (born October 16, 1977, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, and also guitarist whose melodic, often soft absent earned him a wide audience and also a number of Grammy Awards in the early on 21st century.

Having taken up etc playing together a teenager, Mayer briefly attended Boston’s Berklee college of Music however never completed his studies. Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, that played frequently in neighborhood clubs through a band and also as a solo act. In 1999 he individually released his debut EP, Inside desires Out. ~ a 2000 power at the southern by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, that signed v the mindful record label, which released the full-length album Room for Squares (2001). Columbia documents repackaged the album with added material because that a lot higher-profile nationwide release later on in 2001. The song “No together Thing” and “Your body Is a Wonderland” both ended up being hits, and also the latter earned Mayer a Grammy compensation for ideal male pop vocal performance. Mayer’s following studio release, Heavier Things (2003), topped the Billboard album chart and featured the hit “Daughters,” which to be honoured v two Grammy Awards, including song that the year.

Having created himself together a major presence in the world of adult-oriented different rock, Mayer seek to expand the limit of his sound. Combine his long-standing attention in the blues, he developed the john Mayer Trio, and he collaborated with rappers Common and also Kanye West. Continuum (2006), showing this brand-new approach, was one more commercial success. It likewise earned Mayer a Grammy for ideal pop vocal album, and also its single “Waiting ~ above the world to Change” winner for ideal male popular music vocal performance. He continued to be a Grammy favourite in 2009, picking up an additional award for finest male pop vocal power (for the single “Say,” from Continuum) and also one for best solo rock power (for “Gravity,” from the 2008 live album Where the irradiate Is). That exact same year Mayer exit the album Battle Studies. Although it marketed well, that was rather overshadowed by Mayer’s increasingly tabloid-friendly public persona; in comparison to his heartfelt, skillfully make music, he had become known as a wry, loose-talking playboy.


Mayer, John
John Mayer, 2008.
Patty Keigan

Mayer went back in 2012 with the rootsy Born and Raised, on i beg your pardon he attracted inspiration indigenous 1970s folk-rock performers such together Neil Young. Paradise Valley (2013), while featuring guest appearances by pop singer Katy Perry and also rhythm-and-blues performer candid Ocean, complied with in a similar vein. He went back to his earlier sound because that The find for Everything (2017), i m sorry earned decidedly combined reviews. In 2015 Mayer became a member of the touring band Dead & Company, which consisted of some that the surviving members of the thankful Dead.

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