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I have actually a 2016 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Sport and also the spec"s indicate that the fuel tank capacity is 70 Litres (18.5 us Gal) however after runnin the auto to almost empty 50km range and climate filling I have actually only been able come put in between 54 and also 56 litres which would make me think that the fuel tank volume is only 60 Litres. This capacity is similar to the various other Sonatas us have.
The manual says 18.5 gallons for every models. I was driving on the highway and the low fuel light came on at 30 miles remaining. Ns topped it increase (0.5 gallons after auto shut off) and it was only 16.5 gallons. I"m pretty sure 18.5 gallons is accurate. How plenty of miles past fuel light have actually others gone?

Mine is the exact same way, irritates the heck out the me. 18.5 gallon tank however when i drive it till the range is 0 I just put in 16 gallons at the most. Ridiculous.
I think they have do the to cover their butt. My last automobile had a 2.5 gallon reserve together well. If a automobile has a smaller sized gas tank, it"ll probably have less the a reserve.

My 2012 claims 18.5 gallons, low fuel light typically comes on with around 60 miles to go, critical road trip took it simply shy that 500 miles. Was about 10 miles into the display flashing which wake up at 30 to go and took right about 18 to fill up. Only complaint I have actually is the avg mpg display always says I"m getting much more than I in reality get however oh well

I"ve driven until the range hit 6km to empty...took about 61L to fill it earlier up. 70L seems an ext than probable.
I drive a Sonata

Figure there"s at the very least a 2 gallon reserve. I"ve bring away it to 25 miles to empty. Figure that 25 mile is 1 gallon. It took virtually 16 gallons to to fill so a 2 gallon reserve plus the 1 gallon and it"s reasonable. Probably due to the fact that it has twin level sensors and it"s a GDI engine, they want to keep civilization from to run the pump dry ? just a thought.
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Not sure why it"s a trouble to believe it"s one 18.5 tank. However if you really don"t believe, run it dry and see how much the takes to fill it up. That"s the only means you will know for sure.Think around it, what benefit would it be to lie around the gas tank size? What harm to Hyundai if the civilization found the end they lied about it?
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To me it"s irrelevant exactly how close my tank is to the 19.3 united state gal volume it insurance claims to be. It has a selection of 500+ miles and by the time I have either stopped for a drink, enjoy the meal or relief and can fuel up in ~ my convenience.I never ever get below 1/4 tank before I to fill up and never operation the danger of an overheated fuel pump, clogged fuel filter or the tension that world face wondering how much they can go after the short fuel light comes on.

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I placed 66 l in the tank of my 2015 Sonata sport yesterday after driving 942 km due to the fact that the previous fill up. The DTE indicator proved 9 kilometres remaining. No difficulty believing the tank volume is 70 L. Top top a lengthy drive, the dimension of the gas tank isn"t the issue; it"s the dimension of the bladder that borders the distance in between stops.
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