Are these NYC fire hydrant and parking authorize an ambush?

An NYC fire hydrant deserve to be our finest friend once it involves putting the end fires. Or, it can be a $115 parking ticket nightmare. Above all, the NYC fire hydrant dominion is perplexing through its myriad “exceptions.”

You have to check out this fire hydrant and also the parking authorize that lives alongside it. Is it for sure to park within 15 feet of this fire hydrant on Tuesdays? Or is that a mistake to park here?


The NYC Fire Hydrant Rule

(e) general no preventing zones (stopping, standing and also parking banned in stated places). No human shall stop, stand, or park a car in any kind of of the complying with places unless otherwise indicated by posted signs, markings, or various other traffic control devices, or at the direction of a regulation enforcement officer, or together otherwise noted in this subdivision:

(2) Hydrants. In ~ fifteen feet of a fire hydrant, unless otherwise suggested by signs or parking meters, other than that throughout the period from sunrise to sunset if was standing is not otherwise prohibited, the operator of a passenger automobile may stand the vehicle alongside a fire hydrant provided that the operator stays in the operator’s seat prepared for prompt operation that the auto at all times and also starts the engine of the automobile on hearing the method of fire apparatus, and provided further, the the operator shall instantly remove the car from together the fire hydrant when instructed to perform so by any member of the police, fire, or various other municipal department acting in their official capacity.

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< Source: NYC website traffic Rules, 4-08(e)(2) >

Does the enhancement of the “parking permitted” addendum to the no-standing authorize neutralize the danger? And, remove the risk of a fire hydrant parking ticket top top Tuesdays only?



This surprising combination of NYC fire hydrant and parking sign provides the driving publicly 15 feet of legitimate parking spaces on Tuesdays between 8A-6P top top both political parties of this fire hydrant. However, after ~ 6P, your chariot turns right into an orange $115 parking ticket. Think it or not, the fire hydrant ascendancy says clearly that a parking authorize trumps a fire hydrant. Who would have thought it?!

But, as I learned if attending the NYC school of difficult knocks, this is the only type of sign that allows you come park within 15 feet that a fire hydrant since it claims that parking is permitted. Every those other signs, like a no standing Monday-Friday 6 am-7 pm, enable you to stand:

Before 6 amAfter 7 pmSaturdaysSundays

But, they perform not permit you to hurt the fire hydrant rule and also park during those times and also days in ~ 15 feet of one NYC fire hydrant. In various other words, just a authorize that clearly and unequivocally patent parking on details days and hours enables you to park within 15 feet the a fire hydrant.

Likewise, a sign that patent parking for certain hours does not enable you to violate the fire hydrant’s curb an are during specific days.

When in doubt, relocate along, little doggie, and save yourself $115.

My sincere thanks to Alok, who was kind enough to take it this photograph and share his parking oasis with the rest of us. This fire hydrant and friendly sign are at the NW edge of Pierrepont & Henry streets in Brooklyn. Thanks, Alok!

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Is it safe to park here?


Max says

September 8, 2016 in ~ 8:20 pm

Sure, you might not acquire a ticket during those times, however if the fire department needs that hydrant in one emergency situation, your automobile will be destroyed. If a car is impeding their path to the hydrant, they have actually no qualms whatsoever smashing the windows v their hose to connect to a water source. Know likewise that the within of your vehicle will be flooded through water damages by the time the fire scene is done. $115 would certainly seem favor a blessing compare to what you would pay to acquire your automobile repaired. Trust me, between parking signs and hydrant protocols, hydrants win.

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flintoff says

October 10, 2016 at 5:13 am

If i really have to park in ~ 15 feet that the hydrant, i go about looking because that a hydrant in the middle of the block because corner hydrants deserve to be watched by warrior driving top top the street i am parked or from a cross street. I usually block the hydrant fully with mine car. That is $115 either way, plus warriors are well-known for your chicanery with distances. Obviously this doesn’t work-related when web traffic cops are about on foot but it works like a charm after ~ 7pm when many footies go home.