First of every we have to pay fist that words “drop” does not refer to any kind of measurement Unit. Therefore, and because the the water cycle, the amount of water in the oceans is not always the same. Rivers room constantly flowing right into the sea and there is a constant evaporation. Even so, native a mathematical allude of view, we perform not aim at obtaining precise answer to this question. Our target is to gain an agree approach. The most important allude of these inquiries is top the pupil to reflect and think about an technique to the problem as well as trying to with a near answer with a mathematics reasoning. Questioning how plenty of drops there are in the ocean is the exact same of asking how countless sand grains there are on the beaches. Or else: how countless leaves are there in trees? exactly how many people can pat the piano approximately the world? How countless tennis balls can I put in my classroom? No issue what the instance is, the aim is always the same: motivating pupils come think.


But, after all, is there any method of discovering the answers?

Yes, there is. To start with, we can admit the a water drop corresponds to 0.05ml. That is the very same of saying that 1 litre of water contains carefully to 20,000 drops. At the minute we are challenged with another problem: how numerous litres the water space there in the ocean? The following logical step would be useful to calculate the s volume. It is no easy since the depth is not constantly the same and also besides the the sea shores are very irregular. Us can try an technique by searching the Google the will permits us to uncover that the estimate for the oceans volume is around 1335 numerous cubic kilometres, having actually in mind that 70% of ours Planet’s surface is water. To recognize how many litres there room we will usage an equivalence i m sorry we are taught throughout the major school: `1 liter = 1 dm^3`. After some mathematical calculations, we arrive to the conclusion that seas are developed by `2.67xx10^25` drops, which coincides to the number 267 complied with by 23 zeros!

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