What is a Hexagon? - Definition, Facts, Examples, and More!

Welcome come this complete guide to hexagons, whereby you will learn whatever you should know about this beautiful six-sided polygon!

Hexagon Definition:

In mathematics and also geometry, a Hexagon is identified as a polygon (a closeup of the door two-dimensional form with directly sides) with 6 sides.

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Note that Hexagons have actually 6 sides and also 6 angles.

There room two types of Hexagons: constant Hexagons and Irregular Hexagons.

What is a constant Hexagon?

A regular hexagon is defined as a 6-sided polygon that is both equilateral and also equiangular—meaning that every one of the sides have the same length and every one of the angles have actually the exact same measure.

What is an rarely often rare Hexagon?

An rarely often rare hexagon is defined as a 6-sided polygon that is no regular—meaning that all of the sides and angles carry out not have actually the exact same measure.

What room the properties of a continuous Hexagon?

In Geometry, you will certainly most often be dealing with consistent hexagons. It is vital to recognize their three main properties:

All political parties of a regular hexagon have actually equal lengths.

All of the interior angles of a continuous hexagon room 120° each.

The total sum the the interior angles is 720°.

What Is a 3D Hexagon?

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In Geometry, a 3D Hexagon is referred to as a Hexagonal Prism—which is a prism v hexagonal base.

In the case of 3D hexagons, the hexagonal base is generally a consistent hexagon.

For example, a truncated octahedron can be thought about a 3D Hexagon since it has a hexagonal base.

Here are a few more examples of 3D Hexagons:

Convex Hexagons vs. Concave Hexagons

In Geometry, a polygon is have the right to be convex or concave.

For a hexagon to be convex, every one of its internal angles should be less than 180°.

For a hexagon to it is in concave, at the very least one the its internal angles need to be better than 180°.

For example, a constant hexagon is also a convex polygon because every one of the interior angles equal 120°, i m sorry is much less than 180°.

Hexagons Degrees: Why 720°?

As formerly stated, the measure of each interior angle in a hexagon is 120° and the full sum of all of the inner angles is 720°.

But why? since there space 6 angles in a constant hexagon and each angle equates to 120°, the total sum would certainly be:

120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 = 720


120 x 6 = 720

Furthermore, you deserve to use the polygon internal sum formula to uncover the sum of the inner angles for any kind of regular polygon.

By applying the polygon interior sum formula to a hexagon, you replace n with 6 (since a hexagon has actually 6 sides) together follows:

(n - 2) x 180° ➞ (6 - 2) x 180° = 4 x 180° = 720°

Hexagons in real Life

The hexagon is a simple yet impressive shape that deserve to be found everywhere and also anywhere—ranging from art to architecture to nature. Below a few remarkable instances of hexagons in actual life:

Hexagons in genuine Life: Snowflakes

Did you understand that every snowflakes are hexagons? as soon as ice crystals form, the molecules sign up with together in a hexagonal structure. Mommy Nature has identified that this kind of formation is the many efficient means for snowflakes to form.

Hexagons in actual Life: Honeycombs

Regular hexagons are one of only three polygons that will tesselate a plane—meaning the they can be copied infinitely to to fill a space without any type of gaps. And when bees build honeycombs, they choose to usage hexagons. Always!

Hexagons in actual Life: Architecture

Bees are not the just ones who know the power and efficiency of hexagons. Old and modern-day architecture constantly makes use of this shape from floor tiles to home windows to ornate ceiling designs. Hexagons room everywhere!

Hexagons in actual Life: Art

Due to their beautiful type and capability to tessellate, hexagons are constantly offered in art and also graphic style to create patterns, mosaics, logos, and more!

In fact, plenty of companies pick a hexagon form for a logo because it represents strength and also security.

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Hexagons in actual Life: Religion

Since continual hexagons often show up in nature (like snowflakes and honeycombs) they space often included in spiritual Geometry, which assigns higher an interpretation and spirituality to details shapes and proportions. In fact, some view the hexagon as the many fascinating form in relationship to the universe.

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