If you're searching for a overview to how countless cups there room in a lb of all-purpose flour, bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour or whole-wheat flour, look no further. Keep in mind that your measurement will depend upon the type of flour you're using since of the differing densities of various flour types.

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1 pound of all-purpose flour contains around 3 ⅔ cups. 1 lb of bread flour contains approximately 3 ½ cups. 1 pound of cake flour contains roughly 4 cups. 1 pound of pastry flour contains roughly 4.28 cups.

These measurements assume you're using the traditional method of measure flour. This entails spooning the flour into your measure cup, there is no compacting it, and also levelling the off v a knife. Scooping the flour from her jar or bag v the measure cup may give you a different measurement.

Before us look at dimensions for each kind of flour, below, it's worth noting that we additionally have an write-up looking at pounds and cups of sugar, have to you require it.


Cups in a pound of all function flour Pounds the Flour cup (US)
1/2 lb1.81 cups
1 lb3.62 cups
2 lb7.24 cups
5 lb18.1 cups
10 lb36.2 cups

Cups in a lb of bread flour Pounds of Flour cups (US)
1/2 lb1.75 cups
1 lb3.49 cups
2 lb6.98 cups
5 lb17.45 cups
10 lb34.9 cups

Cups in a lb of cake flour Pounds that Flour cup (US)
1/2 lb1.99 cups
1 lb3.98 cups
2 lb7.96 cups
5 lb19.9 cups
10 lb39.8 cups

Cups in a lb of pastry flour Pounds that Flour cup (US)
1/2 lb2.14 cups
1 lb4.28 cups
2 lb8.56 cups
5 lb21.4 cups
10 lb42.8 cups

Cups in a pound of whole-wheat flour Pounds the Flour cup (US)
1/2 lb2.01 cups
1 lb4.01 cups
2 lb8.02 cups
5 lb20.05 cups
10 lb40.1 cups

Flour densities and also conversions were sourced from: The Cake bible (Rose levy Beranbaum, 1988), modern-day Domestic and the Food and agricultural Organisation the the united Nations.

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We have an ext ingredient conversions on ours baking counter page. Girlfriend can additionally convert in between cups and pounds for a multitude that ingredients v our pounds and also cups converter.

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