Every year in November, I start my preparation at an early stage so I deserve to make Bread Cubes for Stuffing. It’s easy to do your very own bread cubes instead of to buy them currently prepared.

Making your own Bread Cubes because that Stuffing requires cutting up bread, placing it in the oven, baking because that a when to dry out, completely cooling and also then bagging till you are prepared to use!


You have the right to use almost any form of bread when you space making bread cubes for stuffing! Old French bread loaves, buns the weren’t eaten, a couple of slices the bread indigenous a homemade or store-bought loaf all work-related in this recipe.


I think stuffing, no turkey, is the crown jewel the an remarkable Thanksgiving feast! I purposely make substantial batches so I deserve to eat it because that days ~ the celebration. If you space scratching your head and asking “what’s dorn with immediate stuffing out of a box?” We need to have actually the talk.

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Yes, that talk.Never, ever, use pre-made “just add water and serve” boxed stuffing.Homemade. Your brand-new mantra. Homemade. Homemade. Homemade.Homemade= a new life.Your new life starts with a simple task. Drying bread.

Soon, your worn down bread will look like THIS. And taste like heaven. In the kind of homemade stuffing.


Every time you have actually extra bread sitting roughly the house and you know you aren’t going to eat it all up before it it s okay stale, cube it and also bake. Every time you have spare bread (Baguettes, French bread, Sandwich bread, rolls, Artisan bread) reduced it up. Never have actually leftover bread? You deserve to buy a loaf or two following time you’re at the grocery and also use it because that this recipe.

It’s the simple. I like a thick slice white or french bread loaf. I like bread that is not the typical light and fluffy keep brand dissension a loaf variety. In Utah, ns recommend Granny Sycamore bread, I like to purchase a loaf of white and wheat as well. Nothing with seeds, or also heavy. I likewise like French Bread when I make Bread Cubes for Stuffing.

Here are a couple of recipes I’ve posted in past years. The very first is my mom’s tried and true (for over 50 years) Apple and Sausage Stuffing. It’s simple, delicious, and also it’s on our vacation table every year. If girlfriend are looking for a beginning of the person dressing the will become your household favorite, this is it.


The second recipe is a much less traditional, however delicious Artisan Stuffing with big chunks that mushrooms, onions, Italian Sausage, cornbread, Artisan, French Bread and fresh herbs. It’s fresh and fun and also a nice addition to your timeless feast.

Hope this write-up helps friend in ready for Thanksgiving and in making Bread Cubes because that Stuffing! If you have a favourite stuffing/dressing you’d like to share, write-up in the comments, we would all love to view what you’re planning for the big day…

Loaf of Artisan or French Bread or any kind of other form of leftover bread or rollsOlive oilsea salt and also fresh floor pepper

Recipe Notes

-Also delicious as croutons. If you space making croutons, drizzle around 2-3 tablespoons olive oil in a non pole pan. Place the bread cubes in the pan and also cook over tool to medium high heat, tossing as the bread cubes are cooking. Sprinkle v Sea Salt and fresh soil pepper.

-Save the crumbs as well to use in dressing.-You may also up the temp ~ above the stove to 300 and bake for around 30-40 minutes.

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-Olive oil is not necessary, I usually drizzle olive oil ~ above one loaf of french bread, but not ~ above the other loaves. 

Last year to be my first year do stuffing and I do it v dinner roll which i had reduced up and also dried in a similar way. I’m walking to shot this recipe for my dinner roll this year. Ns can’t imagine law it any other means now in see the ready bags the bread cubes at the store just looks like wood chips to me now.