A peck is a dry goods measure same to 2 gallons dried measure.Cups is a fluid measure equal to 236.8 ml because that a (US) cup, 227 mlfor a (BI) tiny cup, and 283.7 ml for a (BI) big (half pint)cup.

in british imperial measure a peck is 2 gallons imperial, or 32cups volume (BI) large cup, or 40 cup volume for the smallcup.

in (US) measure up a peck is slightly bigger than 537.6 cubicinches. A cup is 14.4375 cubic inches, therefore ~37.24 cup (US) = 1 peckvolume.

The reason dry measure is used is because there is air an are inthe container, a peck basket here, and it is not fully filledwith material, for this reason that when the material, below tomatoes, is cut upthe liquid volume will approximately be equivalent to the originaldry volume. Therefore 1 peck of tomato when reduced up right into usable chunkswill about be about 2 gallons, fluid measure, or around 32cups.

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