From his Motown days v The Miracles come his effective solo career, he to be a truly gifted singer-songwriter.

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Here are the crucial facts about Smokey Robinson that any kind of fan should know.

Smokey Robinson songs: What room his most famous hits?

With The Miracles, Smokey had plenty of hits including 'Shop Around', 'You've Really acquired a organize On Me', 'The tracks of mine Tears', 'I 2nd That Emotion' and also 'The Tears that a Clown'.

As a solo artist, his hits have contained 'Cruisin'', 'Being v You' and also 'Just to see Her'.

Smokey Robinson age: just how old is he?

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Smokey Robinson was born top top February 19, 1940. He celebrated his 78th date of birth in 2018.

He was born come an African-American father and also a mom of African-American and French ancestry, into a negative family in the North end area of Detroit.

He and Aretha Franklin lived several homes from each other on Belmont in ~ one stage, and also has claimed he had known the Queen the Soul due to the fact that she was around five.

Smokey Robinson family: Is that married and does the have any children?

Smokey Robinson and also wife Frances. Picture: Getty

Smokey is currently married to Frances Robinson, née Gladney. They got married in might 2002.

He was formerly married come his fellow Miracles member Claudette Rogers in 1959. The pair had two children, boy Berry Robinson (born 1968), called after Motown's founder Berry Gordy, and daughter Tamla Robinson (born 1969), called after the original Tamla label collection up by Gordy.

Smokey had an additional son, Trey (born 1984), with an additional woman, throughout his marital relationship to Claudette. After the admitted this, that filed because that a divorce, which was granted in 1986.

How go he acquire his 'Smokey' nickname?

Smokey Robinson described in 2012: "My Uncle Claude was my favourite uncle, that was likewise my godfather. He and also I to be really, yes, really close.

"He offered to take it me to view cowboy movies all the time when I was a small boy since I loved cowboy movies. He gained a cowboy surname for me, which to be Smokey Joe.

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"So from the moment I was 3 years old if people asked me what my name was ns didn't tell lock my surname was William, i told castle my surname was Smokey Joe. That's what everyone called me till I was about 12 and then ns dropped the Joe part.

"I've heard the story around him providing it to me because I'm a irradiate skinned black man yet that's not true."