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Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx rumor: couple has a child but the actress is raising the infant without the father

Katie Holmes to be rumored to it is in pregnant last year together it has been her wish to have actually a boy again. At that time, she was still v Jamie Foxx for this reason obviously, the reports to be stating the he is the father.

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Katie’s alleged pregnancy v Jamie Foxx’s infant

As per the report that showed up on NW magazine, Katie Holmes and the “Django Unchained” actor to be expecting their an initial child together. However, that was said that because Jamie Foxx has not changed his ways and also he has actually constantly been messing their partnership with his cheating rumors, the actress chose to just raise the baby by herself.

It was added that Suri Cruise’s mother was an ext than happy to store the baby and raise her also without his father. A source supposedly said NW the the actress tho loves she boyfriend however she stopped expecting something indigenous him once she obtained pregnant.

“She doesn't want to press him and ask because that something the can't deliver,” the unnamed resource said. “She'll keep the standing quo and let him date who that wants rather of advertise him to clear up down v her.”

Furthermore, NW stated that Katie Holmes had the ability to raise Suri Cruise alone. Because her divorce native Tom Cruise in 2012, her daughter continued to be with her and she was her single guardian. Thus, that was suggested that she can also raise an additional kid without a father and also will do whatever to raise she well together she did with her first daughter.

"Katie's an ext than qualified of gift a solitary mom and raising two kids by herself," the insider went on come say. “She had already built a nursery, picked the end baby names and also was encouraged she was having a girl.”

The fact

There are numerous rumors about Katie Holmes and also Jamie Foxx and one that the most popular narratives was around them having actually a baby. The report declared that she was set to give birth in the brand-new Year for this reason Gossip Cop find this story yes, really ridiculous due to the fact that it is already the middle of 2020 and the actress go not have a infant yet.

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This is because she walk not offer birth together the pregnant rumors space false in the an initial place. Moreover, Gossip Cop still got to out come Katie Holme’s rep to confirm the story and also was told that there is no truth in the report and also besides, the actress damaged up with Foxx in the spring of 2018 so there is no way they can acquire pregnant.