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Sun 21st Jun 2020

The game is a disaster. Yes, it"s pretty and yes the music is great but the story is a complete 0/10. Why go we have to wait 7 years because that a plot with much more holes in 보다 swiss cheese? What a mess.

yss7771 Wow congrats on play on the shortest difficulty! I"d love to see just how you"d carry out in a genuine apocalypse!

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yss7771 If you desire a good story in a post-apocalyptic zombie setting, play The wade Dead series. That takes time & effort to develop a good game v flawless combat, remarkable soundtrack, character design, etc. I agree the TLOU2 story is not accepted by many.... Yet calling the video game a disaster or a mess simply makes you an immature in evaluating or reviewing a game. The game is ideal in that combat, audio design, personality appearances, weapon customization, gameplay, level design, name whatever game element you want, it is arisen to that best. Yet civilization still price the game only based upon its story