Beginning today, July 13, a brand-new series that Oreos with less cookie and also less cream pour it until it is full are available in ~ Dallas-area grocery store stores.

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Oreo Thins are a much more "sophisticated" cookie, the firm says. No dunking, no twisting, just eating. (Pinkies up, we had to wonder?)

So we asked around a dozen Dallas Morning News staffers -- pretty sophisticated adults, I"d to speak -- and told castle Oreos go on a diet. Your response:



You have to wonder about dual Stuf Oreo"s self-esteem.

We sampled 3 Oreo Thins: the original, the gold Oreo and also the mint. Here"s what you must know:

Oreo purists, don"t fret: this CAN be twisted apart. Just take a cookie in every hand, provide a gentle revolve of the wrist prefer the outlaw girlfriend are, and also your cookie will have actually two halves. Go ahead, illegal twist apart your Oreo Thins.Oreo Thins are not much better than traditional Oreos. We love them the means they were supposed to it is in -- before this wafers chose they needed to it is in waifs. The Oreo Thins" cream-to-cookie proportion is off, in spite of the truth that the firm says it"s "similar." Oreo Thins were not as crunchy and not together satisfying as original Oreos, and no one in ours test group would select them end the old favorite. We walk agree you can trick her Oreo Thin into tasting like half of a timeless Oreo if you twist it apart and only eat one side. That"s a many work for small gain, though. Wasteful, too.The golden Oreo Thins are forgettable. They"re not exciting. They"re just skinnier golden Oreos.The mint Oreo Thins space surprisingly great. this are practically as an excellent as the Girl Scouts" thin Mints cookies. Almost. We were able to collection aside our initial Oreo allegiances and also consider mint Oreo Thins as their own kind of cookie. Since of their size, it would certainly be basic to eat a grasp of this mindlessly. They"re tasty. Which brings united state to this point:Don"t purchase Oreo Thins if girlfriend think you"re making a "healthier" choice. An Oreo Thin runs around 35 calories per cookie. An original Oreo goes for approximately 53 calories every cookie. Is it precious 18 extra calories to eat one initial Oreo -- a cookie we believe is markedly better? Absolutely. But just remember: Oreos were no before and are not currently "healthy."

Oreo Thins will certainly be accessible nationwide beginning July 13 at sleeve stores currently selling Oreos.

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Britton Peele, Alan Peppard, Dorathy Perumallapalli, Alyssa Powell, Mandi Thomas, Tiney Ricciardi, Shannon Sutlief, Chris Sywassink, Nini Truong, Amanda Wilkins and also Hannah Wise contributed to this story.


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