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Hey guys, my name is kurt Diable, and I am very happy to share my story today right here on

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So here’s the thing, I’ve been reading in forums and from a few other places around how a bunch of world are getting insane outcomes from doing a 100 crunches a day. Some world were law this because that 2 months and some were doing it for three months.

These people that were doing 100 crunches a day for 2 and 3 months were saying the the an outcome that they were getting were far better than castle had ever before gotten before.

So I stated “eff it” if they have the right to do it, and are gaining these crazy awesome results, why the heck can’t I do it too?

So ns did it. Ns did 100 crunches a day because that 3 freaking months, and also this is how my story went. And ey.. If you are still wonder if you should it too, you most definitely should. Like perform not also think about it, just do it, and also force you yourself to stick with it.

For me, it was past worth that in the end.

The great news for me, is that my friend jumped in on this difficulty with me so I had someone to help me stick through it, which was a big help.

this is mine friend that did the 100 crunch a job challenge. This is him from start to finish.

The photo above is mine friend who did the difficulty with me, as you deserve to see he acquired insane outcomes as well.

All the more reason you must jump top top this challenge as well.

First, simply so we space on the exact same page

What room Crunches? can you perform 100 a day?

Before I obtain started, it’d most likely be appropriate to obtain down the differences in between crunches and also sit-ups. Crunches space where girlfriend lay ~ above the floor v your back flush to the ground, knee bent and also feet level on the ground together well.

With your hands behind her head, you begin a sit up, however pause before your lower back ever pipeline the ground, however to a point where your scapula are fully lifted native the floor.

Through this, you’ll be able to isolate your abs and get a significant burn while likewise getting a lot more reps in just through the much shorter range of movement alone.

Can you carry out 100 a day?

Yeah, 100 a day, you should wondering if you will even be able to do this. And i’ll it is in the first to tell you the you will not, at the very least in the beginning. Relying on how numerous crunches you carry out a day already or also if you carry out none climate you may have some rolfes or extra fat hanging around on your ship area. If this is the case then in the beginning doing 100 a day is going to be a challenge.

But execute not get discouraged, store going at it, execute as countless as you have the right to do, and about 5-7 job in, friend should have the ability to do 100 a day by separating them out into sets like what i did.

100 Crunches a day – My very first 2 Weeks

The first couple of weeks were by far the hardest.

Habits space thought to be developed after 2-3 weeks of committed practice, and staying consistent every day was by far the hardest part of the challenge. But much more specifically, just remembering and also having the willpower to execute them every day was the tough part.

Almost immediately, ns noticed my strength improving. The number of crunches I can handle in one set increased dramatically in the first few weeks, where I might handle 15 in a row prior to I would prevent for a tiny break, the number gradually rose…

After a few days 20.

Then 25.

30 came faster than expected about the 2nd week’s end.

Keep in mental that ns wasn’t maintain till failure, i went in through a strategy: execute sets the crunches the I might handle without obtaining tired, yet would still it is in a challenge, and also slowly work my means towards larger and also larger sets, never deviating native the perceived challenge level.

As much as mine appearance, i really didn’t notification anything in this first few weeks. I currently had miscellaneous of a background of main point training, so it wasn’t prefer muscles appeared out the nowhere all of a suddenly (even if i was a newbie the still i will not ~ be the case). The only noticeable adjust was my stamin in the movement.

100 Crunches a work – The very first Month In

The first month in is whereby the novelty wore off, and also the difficulty became an ext of a chore. I began scheduling my everyday crunches in therefore that i wouldn’t forget them.

As I became accustomed to the routine, ever before so slowly, mine strength continued to skyrocket (after getting used come the exhaustion of everyday training). Soon I to be doing almost half my everyday amount that crunches in one set like no problem, and I might feel 100 in ~ my grasp if i really moved for it, however I continued how I had actually been before.

Having never done crunches all that often, the surprised me how negative I was at lock (compared to my expectations)! In one minute, i was only able to do approximately 45 or so. And after each daily set, together I break-up them up, i would occasionally feel the strange muscle spasms in my abs together my body gained used to the new exercise.

My abs did start to pop ever before so slightly much more so than before, under the ideal lighting the separations were becoming much more clear. Miscellaneous I had actually noticed from mine L-sit development months before when ns hammered those hard was the advance in my complete stomach area.

This contrasted greatly to the crunches.

Because crunches are a pure isolation activity for the rectus abdominis, there is very tiny emphasis on the obliques, or other core muscle groups, making for a slightly less apparent transformation.

However, the alters were coming to be clearer together time continued, and also I to be excited for the following months, and also how I might progress.

100 Crunches a job – Two month In

The an initial thing of keep in mind in my progress was the full ease of the challenge at this point, crunches became 2nd nature, and doing them before bed and also in the morning to be something I might bang the end without thought, and the results were showing.


Furthermore, crunches came to be so simple that i was now well past 50 in a set without too much exhaustion. Early on in the month, i tried getting 100 crunches in one set, and to it is in honest, the was quite lackluster, the movement had end up being too straightforward that the unapproachable 100 caved in one set much much more easily than I expected.

I had to uncover a way to spice things up.

Knowing myself, ns would become bored fairly quickly and also want come quit if this just became a boring slog through mandatory, simple exercises for one more month and also a half. So, I added a small stipulation and also forced myself to execute the 100 crunches in one ever-shrinking home window of time.

First, I’d try to get them every done in 3 minutes, simply to go easy on myself initially. Then I progressively shrunk it together I experienced fit down in the direction of 2 minutes. Then i even added in doing a couple of sit ups a job (about 15).

Physically, I witnessed some improvement but the readjust was not practically as drastic as from the first couple of weeks towards the end of the month. At this point, it became clear just how much much more intense my exercise regiment would have to end up being for me come see more changes.

100 Crunches a work – Three month In

After month of law this challenge, ns was now at the suggest of doing all 100 crunches in a row a little above one minute’s time. In ~ this point, in all honesty, ns missed a couple of days of crunches together the an obstacle became much more of a chore.

I was solid enough and an excellent enough at crunches currently to do plenty of without feeling worn down at all. And also while there was part crossover right into other exercises favor L-sits, and also other tasks like bouldering, crunches are really much one isolation exercise, so over there wasn’t a ton the carryover.

Concerning mine physique, in ~ the end of everything, i am particular my stomach was not simply tighter and also carried a little less fat, yet my abs were more pronounced. Where prior to it would take decent lighting to present off any type of signs of residual abs, now, ns pretty much had them 24/7, it’s prefer I was much more pumped, and more vascular all the time without trying.

Before i could probably obtain this look but I would need to drink the night before, dry myself out by not drinking water, and also then do a few sets that sit ups, then host my breathe and flex as tough as ns could..

Now mine abs just pop.

It’s not prefer I have a 10 pack collection of abs, however now castle look flexed all the time. They space super tight.

I am extremely happy through where mine abs room today and to today I to be still doing about 50 crunches a day.

Mind you i did this challenge quite part time back and i am tho doing 50 a day, claims a lot about how reliable this 100 crunches a day challenge was for me.

How countless calories will certainly you burn law 100 crunches a day?

The sad news is, 100 crunches a job is not going to burn every that numerous calories. Relying on your weight, intensity, and general activity level, the calories melted are going come vary. What seems unanimous, however, is that you will certainly burn between 15 and 40ish calorie by law 100 crunches.

If you are just looking come burn fat, HIIT maintain or level cardio would most likely work better than this (or, crazy idea, perform both).

Will law 100 Crunches a Day give You Abs as It Did for Me?

Everyone’s a tiny bit different, so we can’t all intend to acquire the same results from any type of exercise, permit alone one exercise difficulty like this.

I have been training continuously for years, and already have a bit of a lift of bodyweight exercises, albeit not so lot with crunches, but with L-Sits and also planks. So, you might get much more bang for her buck if you have less training suffer than me, going indigenous 0-100, no pun intended.

Along the way, below was the best takeaway I gained from whatever – exercise can certainly aid build muscle, however abs room made in the kitchen, no the gym!

The main means this habit has helped me was the it enhanced the variety of calories shed every day, which consequently made it less complicated to stay in a caloric deficit and also burn fat.

Abs space not like many other muscle groups, you can’t just exercise it and also expect castle to prosper significantly, the best you have the right to do is cut the fat the is hiding them. Of course, working out them certainly helps, but it’s lot less effective than eating a couple of hundred under calories every day.

However, every this being said, i did an alert some development and adjust during mine time act 100 crunches a work for three months, however it was mainly concerning my strength, together I pointed out throughout the article.

Doing 100 crunches in a row ended up being no problem, i think this is a good takeaway because an ext strength = more intense practice = more calories shed and an ext muscle gained. Act a ton that crunches lays the route for harder exercises favor plank variations, Russian twists, L-sits, leg raises, and decrease sit-ups. Every those deserve to then lead to more intense workouts!

100 Crunches a day vs 100 Sit-Ups a Day? Which should You Do?

As you recognize by currently (hopefully), sit-ups and also crunches are quite various exercises. Wherein the sit-up has actually you turn off your ago entirely, bringing your chest to your knees, the crunch has actually you barely relocating off the floor.

Because of the apparent differences, sit-ups room significantly an ext difficult, and what i would think about to it is in less effective as one isolation movement since of the selection of activity overkill.

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All this gift said, if you room a beginner, or otherwise unsure about this difficulty and your core fitness, stick with the crunches. If you want something an ext of a challenge, go through the sit-ups because that sure.