Make sure to use this paver calculator prior to you begin working on her patio project! If the question "how many pavers perform I need?" has ever before crossed her mind, this device is going to be of invaluable aid to you. By offering the pavers cost, you will be able to calculate the total cost of her patio. The patio paver calculator will also permit you to estimate the perfect amount of materials for your project and will, as a consequence, save you money, as no a single paver will certainly go come waste.

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How to use the paver calculator?

Using the patio paver calculator is very simple. Here's a short collection of instructions:

1. Determine the area of her patio. Begin by choosing whether your patio is a single rectangle or if it has actually a various shape, in which instance you need to divide that into similar rectangles to make the calculation easier.

NOTE: Don't issue if the form of her patio is difficult to divide into rectangles that the very same size. If the sizes of that is subareas differ, simply calculate the product in each one by choosing the single rectangle option, and then sum the results up.

For a single rectangle, intake the length and also the width that the patio, and also you will obtain its area.

For several similar rectangles, include the number the the subareas, and also the calculator will present you the total area of the patio.

2. now you require to recognize the paver brick size. Administer a single brick's width and also a single brick's length to gain the area that covers. In the next section the this article, friend will discover a table that the most usual paver brick sizes.

3. with all these worths ready, the calculator will present you how countless bricks are essential to cover one square foot, as well the total variety of patio pavers girlfriend will need for her project.

4. all thats left to do is to calculation the costs:

To estimate the total pavers cost simply state the price that a single brick, and also the paver calculator will perform the occupational for you.

To obtain the estimated price of installation, put in the cost that installation per square foot. Typically, it prices somewhere in between $8 and also $20, but the prices will certainly vary depending upon your location.

The pavers cost calculator will sum up the 2 values above up and show girlfriend the total estimated expenses the the project, both because that the pavers cost and their installation by professionals.

Common paver sizes

The most commonly used paver brick dimension is 4" x 8" (10cm x 20cm in the metric system). However, other sizes are not rare at all.

Here's a table of the most widely supplied paver brick sizes, in addition to their matching dimensions in the metric system:

Size (in)Size (cm)Area (ft²)Area (cm²)
4 x 8 10 x 20 0.22 200
6 x 6 15 x 15 0.25 225
6 x 9 15 x 23 0.38 245
8 x 8 20 x 20 0.44 400
12 x 12 30 x 30 1.00 900
14 x 14 36 x 36 1.36 1296
12 x 18 30 x 46 1.50 1380

If you happen to must calculate a brick's volume, the thickness is typically 2" (5 cm). The only exceptions space the 14" x 14" and also the 12" x 18" bricks. In their case, the thickness is typically 3" (7.6 cm) and also 1.5" (4 cm) respectively.

Using the paver calculator - example

Let's walk through an instance using the patio paver calculator together.

John chose to have actually his patio led with bricks. Naturally, his first thought was, "How plenty of pavers carry out I need?" His calculations went as follows:

1. john measured the full area of the patio. John's patio is a form resembling a four-armed star, so he can divide it into five 15'x15' squares. To count this, he offers the following equation:

patio area = subarea width * subarea size * number of subareas

So, in ours example's case:

patio area = 15 ft * 15 ft * 5 = 1,125 ft²

2. Next, John has to calculate the area a single patio paver covers and the number the pavers per square foot. That opted for square 6"x6" pavers.

After multiply the brick's length by that is width man knows that the area the a solitary paver is 36 in².

To calculate how plenty of patio pavers to the right in one square foot, the adhering to formula is needed:

pavers every square foot = 144 / single brick's area

The factor why the molecule is 144 is the there space 144 square inches in one square foot. In John's example:

pavers per square foot = 144 / 36 = 4

3. What's left to execute is to calculate the total variety of pavers needed. To do this, John provides this equation:

total variety of pavers = pavers every square foot * full project area (rounded increase - if friend don't gain a complete number, you might need to ring it up and change the extra brick roughly the edges of the project)

So the actual calculation goes like this:

total variety of pavers = 4 * 1,125 = 4,500

4. John additionally wants to calculation the total pavers cost. He wants to purchase pavers that room $0.50.

pavers price = 4,500 * $0.50 = $2,250

He would also like to have actually the pavers set up by a professional. In his area, the cost of such organization is $9 every square foot, so:

installation cost = patio area * cost per ft² = 1,125 * $9 = $10,125

A keep in mind on using the paver calculator

As is the case with all building and construction works, paving is vulnerable to mistakes. To avoid having actually to waste petrol going ago and forth to the save for extr materials, consider buying at least 10% much more of everything.

If friend need aid calculating the right amount of added materials, shot using our percent calculator come remove any kind of doubts you could have.

Patio pavers space not the only thing you must buy for your project. Remember to take right into account paver sand and also gravel, i m sorry are very important materials when paving her patio.

But what about patterns?

Calculating how countless pavers you need seems nice and also easy when we're talking around straightforward, rectangular bricks to adjust out alongside one another. Yet you might be wondering, what about patterns? How numerous pavers execute you require then? Don't worry - the systems to this difficulty is quite basic as well.

The cheat is to rally one repeating part of the pattern and also calculating its area, climate multiplying through the time the pattern repeats.

For example:


In the instance of this particular pattern, to calculation the area, you would need to use the complying with formula:

how numerous sets the the sample are required = full project area / (a * b + c * d + e * f + g * h)

Some renowned paver fads you could get influenced by

Here are some of the most well-known patterns that have the right to be created by the conventional 4" x 8" paver bricks.


Running bond - mostly connected with basic brickwork, to run bond is one of the most common and most organic paving trends to create. The can also be produced with square bricks.

Stacked bond - not very commonly used with pavers, but an extremely easy and an easy to create. Could be a an excellent idea if it's you space doing her paving on your own.

Herringbone - the illustration reflects a 90° herringbone pattern. 45° is same popular.

Basketweave - basketweave patterns develop the illusion of long bricks disappearing under each other, as with in genuine baskets. There are many variations of this type of patio paver pattern.

Why is having actually a paved patio a great idea?

There is a variety of reasons why we think it's a an excellent idea to have actually your patio done through pavers.

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They room low maintenance. As proclaimed above, pavers are exceptionally durable contrasted to hard surfaces, so you won't need to make numerous repairs. Also if you do have to make some repairs, it typically suffices to remove a tiny component of the patio fairly than, say, a whole slab of concrete. Together for cleaning, it's often enough to use a little water v soap to make the patio look choose it's brand new.