Stuntman and action star Jackie Chan came to be notorious in Hong Kong cinema and also Hollywood for his death-defying stunts. Chan has performed every stunt self without a double, top to countless injuries in his career. Multiple scene from his movies ended up being infamous because of their backstories. Fans will be surprised to discover that Chan has actually not broken an outrageous quantity of bones. Transparent his extensive career, Chan has actually had an ext fatal lacerations and also torn ligaments than damaged bones.

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Jackie Chan attends the push Conference the ‘Wish Dragon’ | Fred Lee via Getty Images

Jackie Chan has appeared in over 150 movies

As a child, Chan nicknamed the Pao-pao, an interpretation “cannonball” in Chinese because of his explosive energy. The nickname is exact as Chan is the most recognized activity stars worldwide for his innovative fighting style and stunt work. His exhilaration career began in the 1960s, showing up in young roles. It was not until 1978 that he had a breakthrough v the movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. The same year, Chan would certainly reach stardom and mainstream success with the martial arts classic movie Drunken Master.

Chan ongoing to emphasis on his job in Hong Kong through movies favor Police Story and also its complying with installments. His huge break right into American cinema was v Rumble in the Bronx that occurred a cult following. In 1998, he and also Chris Tucker would star in Rush Hour and its franchise, ending up being a staple in the friend cop movie genre. Because then, Chan ended up being a family name as an action star and also even tagged as a “living legend”.

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‘Rumble in the Bronx’ stunt brought about Jackie Chan’s broken ankle

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Amongst the many movies Jakie Chan has actually starred in, he has fewer broken bones than various other injuries. In total, Chan has approximately had 10 damaged bones in his extensive career. Follow to screen Rant, in Rumble in the Bronx, there is a scene where Chan jumps onto a hoverboard. In an end credit scene, it reflects that Chan landed wrong, resulting in a damaged ankle. Chan is well-known to continue his occupational so that customized a cast to look favor a shoes so the could continue filming.

In Drunken Master, Chan took a high kick to the head throughout a struggle scene causing his supraciliary ridge being smashed and breaking his eye socket. Chan would later break his sternum in Armour that God 2: operation Condor. In both an initial Strike and The Young Master, Chan damaged his nose and also would break various fingers in various other movies choose Project A.

Jackie Chan has actually suffered a couple of life-threatening injuries. Among his worst was in the 1997 movie Armour that God. Chan leaped turn off a cliffside top top a tree for a scene and got it ideal in one shot. Chan felt it was not an excellent enough a redid it top him to fall on his back and stop his head on a rock. The influence causes a shard that his skull bone to drive into his brain.

Jackie Chan has actually had an ext injuries and lacerations than anything else

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Many fans think that Jackie Chan should be some type of superhuman ability to endure his dangerous stunts and injuries. In the 1992 movie Supercop, Chan dislocated his shoulder and also cheekbone. The would likewise dislocate his pelvis and also suffer electric burns, and also various cut in Police Story. The stunt scenes came to be one that Chan’s an ext popular ones.

In the scene, Chan leaps turn off a balcony and also grabs top top a metal pole. He slides down 4 stories but the pole to be wrapped in plugged-in Christmas lights. Together he descended, the lights shattered and also gave Chan second-degree electrical burns prior to crashing right into a huge pane that glass. For Police Story 2, Chan leaps across a series of buses and falls with a glass window leaving him with lacerations throughout his neck and body. To continue filming, Chan wore skin-colored bandages.