There are numerous legends about Woodstock that have actually never to be confirmed. But what do you think around the mrs who gave birth onstage? Don"t you think there would be loads of evidence about it?

The picture you’re seeing has been the source of a vast controversy for years. There's a mrs on what shows up to be a stage providing birth in former of countless people. The picture was accused taken in ~ Woodstock right once the woman had a infant in the middle of the festival. However, no one has ever been able to prove this actually happened, and also if you search on the internet, you’ll never ever get any names or much more photographic proof (I mean, this picture alone took me a the majority of time and effort). So, what’s the address this image? i mean, if this yes, really happened and also there’s a picture that proves it, climate why is the photograph so difficult to discover in the festival records, and why has actually no one been able to check the birth? as Chumlee states in that famed meme indigenous Pawn Stars, “I don’t know Rick, it looks illegal.” however let’s take a look at the story, so us can draw our own conclusions.

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Yes, Woodstock to be pretty wild and also many strange and also bizarre points happened throughout the 3 days this chaotic yet amazing festival lasted. If you take right into account the there to be about fifty percent a million attendants, there’s a huge probability the at the very least one the the women offered birth there, particularly when you look in ~ the pictures and see so plenty of pregnant women enjoying this historical event. Now, there’s a video clip on a channel called ClickHole where a bunch of world tell their best story at Woodstock. One woman referred to as Julia Dawes defines how she to be born on the third day the the festival right on the key stage. Actually, she says, the photograph shows her mom right before she to be born. It’s been nearly sixty years because Woodstock, however she’s the only human being I’ve checked out claiming she was born there. Follow to miscellaneous reports, 4 babies were born throughout the festival, others say it was just two or one, if some space sure this is just a rumor that gained stuck in the minds of the attendants and also music history.

This subject has obsessed people and researchers over the years. The trouble is the there isn’t any solitary birth certificate or item of proof that confirms what happened. However, this doesn’t really average anything because we’re talking around a various time and a crazy occasion filled with hippies who believed in a much more natural and also less structured life. If a infant was actually born there, it’s most most likely that the mother simply took them home and also registered lock later. However there are countless records of every the medical occurrences that occurred throughout the 3 days, such as rat bites, medicine overdoses (707 to be precise, no that countless for the variety of people there), peptic ulcers, and so on, yet there’s no point out of any kind of births. So, although over there isn’t any kind of written evidence, there’s tho plenty that hear-say indigenous attendants and also staff.

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One the the most famous accounts is in reality on film. In the video, singer john Sebastian stops his power to announce the a lady had just given birth when he to be singing. The clinical director that the festival in reality told reporters that there had actually been 2 births, a woman that was required to the local hospital via helicopter and also another one who went into labor in the center of a enormous traffic jam and also had provided birth in a car. Elliot Tiber wrote in his memoir, Taking Woodstock, that he had actually helped supply a baby at his parent's hotel, really close to the festival. He never ever asked for the mother's name nor the baby's. That's how crazy this festival was.

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Still, there’s no actual proof that a woman provided birth on stage at Woodstock, therefore there’s no means to recognize whether Julia’s story is true. I mean, she could be among these babies who were born close to the festival. However, we can’t deny that it’s probable that other babies were actually born throughout that epos festival. So, what around the photo? was it a photo montage? We might never know. Ns don’t desire to speak it's fake, but I’m pretty sure it is. There space too many things ~ above the image, and also don’t friend think if this had actually actually happened, the musician would have looked? Also, wouldn't the paramedics have actually taken her backstage immediately? There space too many things around his that tell me it’s a fake, yet still, it’s a nice cool story the is nothing contrasted to the countless experiences civilization have shared around this legend weekend.