I have been can not to find literally anything besides speculation about this. Ns was hoping to attract just quick of 2 amps(battery life doesn't matter to me). Would a 9 volt even have the ability to put out that much? would it overheat and also explode or something? Every forum post I find doesn't prize the question and instead goes on about project battery life.

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I to be hoping to attract just brief of 2 amps(battery life doesn't issue to me). Would certainly a 9 volt even have the ability to put out that much? would certainly it overheat and also explode or something? Every forum short article I uncover doesn't price the question and instead walk on about project battery life.

Hah, no way. Many 9v batteries are built of AAAA cells. Estimate 350 mA optimal for 10 minutes. No explosion, simply sagging to 0v.

2 amps


Depends ~ above his long quick is. If he way less than a second, okay. A minute, no.

You could constantly use a couple of in parallel. He's got them in series but you could put a couple of in parallel to obtain ~9v the is qualified of much greater currents.

For a inquiry that seems really simple like this, if there room no clear answers readily obtainable online, it can sometimes be an indication that you're barking increase the dorn tree.

No one seems to be talking around peak or max current values due to the fact that nobody choose a 9v battery to press a ton of current. It looks like as soon as you obtain to also the 500ma mark, the interior resistance it s okay in the method so badly that your battery is basically failing.

Now, depending upon what your requirements are, and also if friend only need burst power, it can work to gradually charge a capacitor and also use that to power your burst. That means you keep a stable low existing draw, which the 9v is comfortable with.

For high current operations, Lithium-Polymer is usually the best means to go. Uneven you want something big like a vehicle battery.

I made a myself part bicycle lights (5x white LED front and 4x red LED back) the pull a complete of 1 amp out of a 9v. That works, but i'm constantly instead of the battery.

i am planning on instead of it with among those rechargeable usb-powerbanks though.

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