Every Alvin and also The squirrel Movie, Ranked (According to IMDb) couple of had high really hopes for feature films starring Alvin and the Chipmunks, though a few, according to IMDb, manage to escape the clutches the mediocrity.

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They"re cute, they"re cuddly, and, for many people, Alvin and also the Chipmunks are a part of media royalty. What started in 1958 together a new album thrived into one of the standard cartoon singing groups of all-time. In addition to your music, which part may discover a bit irritating, Alvin and also the Chipmunks have also made their existence felt in television and movies, through eight feature films created featuring the adoring rodents.

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Film fans have actually turned come IMDb to give their reaction come the eight Chipmunk films, and here there are ranked native worst to finest according come the movie website"s ranking.

out of the eight films the Chipmunks have actually made, this one was the lowest-rated, directly edging out The Squeakquel for the bottom spot. The 4th film in the live-action version, Chipwrecked finds the beloved squirrel stranded ~ above a deserted island after they shipwrecked. Plenty of users came to the conclusion that, with Chipwrecked, the live-action movies had operation their course, unbeknown at the time that filmmakers would have one more Chipmunk movie up your sleeves.

through the slimmest the margins, 2009"s The Squeakquel simply made it the end of the IMBd basement. Together in the title, this was the sequel come the very first live-action film, and also it adhered to the squirrel as castle navigate every one of the pressure of growing up while completing with your female rivals, The Chipettes.

Many reviewers found this movie to it is in empty, brainless, and cheap, usually calling the an insult to the intelligence of their kid audience. A masterpiece wasn"t necessary, however viewers did deserve much better than a sequel in which its just purpose was to milk off of the success the its predecessor.

The final film (to date) in the live-action variation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, The road Chip adhered to the beloved chipmunks as they travel cross-country to protect against their guardian, Dave, from acquiring married.

Aside from the original film, The road Chip was, to IMDb users, the best out that the live-action films, i m sorry isn"t yes, really saying much. It was a bit far better than The Squeakquel and Chipwrecked, however it tho felt an ext like a direct-to-Netflix film than an actual attribute film intended for the theaters.

5 Alvin and also the squirrel (5.2)

It"s for sure to say the IMDb individuals didn"t think too highly of the live-action version of Alvin and the Chipmunks, with the original 2007 movie being the highest-rated. If the movie was full of nostalgia and lured in many new fans come the civilization of the Chipmunks, the film didn"t really add anything new to the plot, concentrating instead ~ above re-telling the story of just how the squirrel met Dave, their guardian, and also were developed into the world-famous music troupe that they"re an ext famous for.

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The film came out approximately the time where a mix the animation and live-action to be flooding the movie theaters, for far better and for worse, and, while the film might seem a little bit dated today, numerous reviewers still discovered that the original live-action film is at the very least enjoyable, unlike its sequels.

contrasted to the live-action films, reviewers hold the fully-animated movies in greater regard 보다 the unapologetic, slapstick films that come out in the 2000s. This film, the 2nd of the fully animated version, came out in 1999 and also was the lowest-rated, despite it score considerably higher than its live-action brethren.

This to be the 2nd Chipmunk film the featured the musical trio running into a standard monster, and, while some fans wanted the Wolfman over Frankenstein, plenty of reviewers still found that the film to be enjoyable for both kids and also adults and didn"t stray too far from the magic that made the squirrel a classic.

3 Alvin and the Chipmunks satisfy The Wolfman (6.7)

there is a debate among Chipmunk fans about which direct-to-video film to be better, the Wolfman or Frankenstein. While some preferred the Chipmunks conference Frankenstein, which came out a year prior to this film, others desired the Wolfman storyline. The may define why this animated movie received simply a 6.7 ~ above IMDb, however some say that this film is the finest of the man series, and clearly is remarkable over the live-action films. Two other films beat it in regards to IMDb score, but, nevertheless, fans much prefer the animated squirrel over the live-action versions.

It was neck-and-neck because that which initial Chipmunk movie would be the highest-rated, with the trio"s first foray into the attribute film people coming in second. The squirrel Adventure was released in 1987 and closely mirrors the tv animated series that introduced the Chipmunks into this medium.

With countless adult reviewers praising the film, it"s a pilgrimage down nostalgia lane and also makes anybody desire to relive their childhood again. The film is dated, for sure, but, for most reviewers, it to be still a far an ext enjoyable watch than the live-action versions the graced movie theatre in the mid-2000s.

1 tiny Alvin and the Mini-Munks (7.3)

This 2003 film, the last of the completely animated variation of the Chipmunks, narrowly beat the end The squirrel Adventure to claim the optimal spot together the best-rated film by reviewers. As the location hinted, the film follows Alvin, Simon, and also Theodore as babies.

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This version of the squirrel holds a special difference as the an initial of the series to be made by utilizing puppets, and the creators absolutely did the movie justice contrasted to that live-action versions. The isn"t expected for adults and aimed because that the five-and-under set, but the small ones will reap this film and also keep castle entertained.