My son likes large numbers (like septillion, googol and also googolplex) and once inquiry me how long that would take to count come septillion (which is 1 complied with by 24 zeros). I told the it would certainly take longer than the age of the world to do that, therefore he started working his way down. He asked me around counting come one million. Ns did a little math (assuming one number per second) and also got about 11-12 job . . . But then thought, the large numbers (like 658,243) take more than a second to say.

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Looked ~ above the internet a small to see if everyone else had done a much more sophisticated calculation. Many calculations were choose my own (assuming one number per second). Others acknowledge that it would take much longer for huge numbers and also made assumptions about what that would certainly be. However nothing definitive, for this reason I believed I’d make one. This counting calculator is based ~ above the variety of syllables in every number and also counts every the rate you’d have to pronounce in stimulate to counting from one come one million (or other numbers).

There is likewise a Spanish and Espanol number variation of the calculator.

If the calculator is no self-explanatory, there are several measures to follow:

First time you yourself counting to 20.Based on her time, the calculator determines her counting price in syllables per second (there room 32 rate in the numbers in between one and twenty). Girlfriend can shot to count the variety of syllables yourself.Specify what number you’d like to counting to, the default is one million yet you have the right to specify one exchange rate or any kind of number listed below one trillion.Specify how plenty of hours every day you think you can count. Remember you must eat and sleep and take division too.Push the button and also it’ll call you exactly how long it takes to count to her target number.

You deserve to vary different parameters (counting speed, hrs per day and also target number) come see exactly how long counting might take. (Spoiler, if you counting to huge numbers, it deserve to take a an extremely long time!)

I additionally decided come plot the variety of syllables in every number in between one and a million. Not entirely straightforward to plot one million point out in an interaction fashion (where you have the right to hover end the plot to watch what numbers have actually how plenty of syllables) so I finished up do a static image in R. It also shows the cumulative average number of syllables when counting up from one to the numbers listed below one million.

Here’s another one that’s rather annotated so you deserve to see what the peaks and troughs are.
The numbers through the lowest variety of syllables are the simplest numbers v the fewest indigenous (i.e. One thousand, one million) when the numbers v the most syllables room the ones v the most words (i.e. Seven hundred fifty 6 thousand four hundred twenty three). This is why the variety of rate is highest possible when you obtain over one hundred thousand. Seven has more syllables (2) 보다 the other numbers in between one and also ten, and also seventy has more syllables (3) than the other numbers when counting through tens. For this reason 77 has the most syllables of all numbers below 100. The first set of peaks emphasize on the plot are because of 177, 277, 377 . . . 977, through a height at 777 below 1000. The second set is because of 1777, 2777, etc.The troughs monitor the very same pattern wherein 100, 200 . . .900 have the same variety of syllables, except for 700, which has actually one more. Same is true the thousands, 10s of thousands and also hundreds the thousands. The number under one million through the many syllables is 777,777, which has actually 20 syllables.You can test the algorithm supplied to generate words number native the number digits and the calculated variety of syllables. The regime skips the word “and” that human being often use in numbers like “four hundred and twenty three” and just outputs “four hundreds twenty three”.Update: I make the efforts to upgrade this calculator from going as much as 1 sunshine to handling a septillion, but I found out the Javascript have the right to only hand up to around 9 quadrillion prior to breaking down. This mini-calculator now goes up to around 9 quadrillion.

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Program and Data: The regime was composed in Javascript and also runs in your ar in your browser. The revolution plots were generated in R (R Studio) indigenous the output of the Javascript program.