*Roundtrip constraints apply.Each means fare as component of a return trip consisting of taxes and also charges.One means fare consisting of taxes and also charges.

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*Roundtrip limitations apply.Each means fare as part of a return trip including taxes and also charges.One method fare including taxes and charges.


Fly indigenous Dublin to new York through Aer Lingus and also look front to a heat Irish welcome onboard. Us offer direct flights native Dublin to new York.

Why paris to brand-new York through Aer Lingus?

We have safe, contactless boarding and also safety protocols to defend your health and wellbeing. We have actually a variety of luggage options to choose from when you publication so you will have everything you need.

How long is the trip from Dublin to new York?

Flight time native Dublin to brand-new York is 7 hrs 33 minutes. Sit back and relax. Enjoy our award-winning business onboard her Aer Lingus flight.

Things to do and places to watch in new York

New York City"s tourist attractions, museums, sporting events and also shopping outlets space not to be missed. Visiting Manhattan need to be on her agenda, however don"t skip the other boroughs, together each one is favor its own city!

Theatre in brand-new York: whether you choose light-hearted musicals or gripping plays, attend among the numerous critically-acclaimed productions staged both on- and also off-Broadway. The new York Theatre district is additionally filled through shops and restaurants to select from as you wait in between shows.

New York Restaurants: shot delicious meals from around the world, as new York"s restaurant scene is one of the most diverse in the world. Sample Chinese dumplings in Manhattan, Jamaican jerk chicken in Brooklyn or tasty spirit food in Manhattan. Whether you want a fast meal or considerable tasting menu, you can expect to discover tasty bites all over in brand-new York.

Other new York Attractions: Visit the world-famous urban Museum that Art, the Studio Museum in Harlem or The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Then, discover the Snug Harbour social Centre and also its substantial botanical garden or watch a Mets game at Citi Field. Be certain to take a cruise throughout the harbour therefore you have the right to see the stunning brand-new York skyline indigenous the water.

How to acquire from JFK come the city centre

John F. Kennedy (JFK) plane is the key airport in brand-new York. Over there are many transport options obtainable from JFK Airport come the city centre.

Metro: there is a subway service from the Airport to Midtown Manhattan. To gain to the subway, you will must take the airport"s interior train. That will obtain you come the nearest subway station. The journey need to take friend no much longer than 1 hour and also cost no much more than €7.

Taxi: The famous yellow taxis are accessible at the airport. They will take you come downtown Manhattan for approximately $45. Unlike anywhere else, the taxi journey can prove to be the longest option. It may take you approximately 2 hrs to obtain to town if you get stuck in optimal traffic.

Bus: There space buses available at the airport. They deserve to be time-consuming as they stop regularly along the way. The trip to the city centre may take approximately 1.5 hours and also cost approximately $3 for common service and also $9 for an express.

Do I require a visa if I take trip from Ireland to new York

If you"re an irish or European citizens travelling come the USA, you"ll need an digital passport, which stays valid until after the completion of your booked trip. Standard citizens or nationals from every Visa Waiver program (VWP) countries must likewise obtain approval through the digital System for travel Authorisation (ESTA) prior to travelling come the United claims under the Visa Waiver Programme. For much more information please visit Aer Lingus Passport and also Visas.

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How to monitor your flight from Dublin to new York through Aer Lingus

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