Kool-Aid is much cheaper than continual hair dye, and can quickly work on dark brown hair through a lot much less commitment 보다 paying to gain it done. This Kool-Aid hair dye recipe will teach exactly how you come dip dye her hair for an added pop of color at the end. What is dip-dyeing? This chosen technique is normally used to dye the advice of the hair rather of covering one"s whole head through dye. Of course you could, relying on the container, dip our totality head v this technique as well. 

For accuse on the paste an approach for streaks or dyeing every one of your hair, visit this exactly how to dye her hair v Kool-Aid guide. To select the shade you desire to dye her hair, shot looking in ~ this Kool-Aid shade chart. However, monitor along below for dip-dyed ends in just a handful of straightforward steps. Once you’re done with the steps, don’t forget obtained have a record towel or something to dry your hair nearby.

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Kool-Aid Hair Dye

prepare Time:10 mins chef Time:20 mins total Time:30 mins Servings:1 simple


2 Kool-Aid packets 1 old T-shirt 2 cup water 1 hair tie 1 comb 1 pot/pan 1 cup bowl or container
picture by Erin Servey
step 1

Gather up all of your supplies.

photo by Erin Servey action 2

Pour 2 cups the water right into a pan or pot.

photo by Erin Servey action 3

Pour the two Kool-Aid packets right into the water.#SpoonTip: I offered blue and red Kool-Aid to do a purple color.

picture by Erin Servey action 4

Then, put the pan/pot top top the stove. The warm should be between medium and also high. Store the warm on till the Kool-Aid mixture boils for one to 2 minutes.

step 5

Immediately to water the concoction right into a container, bowl, or cup (whatever you arrangement on dipping her hair in).

photograph by Erin Servey action 6

Make sure your hair is combed. Come ensure the best results, make sure your hair has actually recently to be washed. To avoid staining a an excellent shirt, merely throw on one old one.

photo by Erin Servey step 7

If you are opting no to dye your totality head, put your hair increase in a ponytail. If not, let her hair loose.

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photograph by Erin Servey action 8

Next pick exactly how much of your hair you desire to be dyed. In this case, I provided 3-4 inches, yet you deserve to do much more or less. Dive this lot of hair in the mixture and leave in for 15-30 minutes relying on hair darkness.For lighter hair 15 minutes will certainly do, however for brown to black hair 20-30 minutes. The longer you leave your hair in the an ext likely it will be brighter and also last longer. The shade should generally last 2-4 weeks depending on how often you wash it.

photograph by Erin Servey action 9

Voilà. Style as you want and make your me an in reality cup of Kool-Aid because that your tough work. Cheers!