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If you’re heading out of town and have part milk in the refrigerator you don’t want to walk to rubbish or you’re spring to have a small extra top top hand, this two an easy ways to freeze milk will certainly answer all of your questions around if you have the right to do it—and exactly how!

How to frozen Milk

Every time us go away, I try to have a couple of pantry staples top top hand for straightforward meal and at least one breakfast as soon as we obtain back. Which way I nearly always frozen milk therefore I can thaw it for the following morning and also avoid having to find time to walk to the store as soon as we’re settling earlier into life at home. It’s really straightforward to do!

TIP: discover the finest milk because that toddlers here.

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How to frozen a half Gallon that Milk

The an essential with freeze milk is that, like any kind of liquid, that will broaden a little as it freezes. For this reason you’ll should make certain you leave some empty room in the container for that expansion to happen. Otherwise, you threat the container breaking. To freeze a half gallon the milk, simply open it and also use 1/2-1 cup of the milk. For sure the lid and lay the container level in the freezer. Freeze because that 3-6 months.

Thaw in the refrigerator or in ~ room temperature. (It have the right to take a couple of days come thaw in the fridge, but I normally leave it at room temperature overnight. I don’t think about it a food safety and security risk since part of the milk usually remains frozen till morning, but do what you think is best.

How to freeze a Gallon of Milk

You can do the very same thing through a gallon that milk, making certain to remove about a cup so that there’s room for the remainder of the milk to expand when it freezes. Stand the gallon upright and also freeze. (There will be the most room to perform this in a deep freezer because of the dimension of a gallon, however do your best with the an are you have!).

How to Freeze tiny Portions that Milk

A great way to freeze smaller amounts of milk the you deserve to use in sippy cup is to frozen milk in an ice cube tray. This is a great way to prevent a part of a container that milk native going come waste. To fill each compartment of the tray about ¾ complete to enable for development (or simply do the the method you typically make ice cubes!). And consider making use of an ice cube tray v a form that fits into everything cup you want to placed the cubes into.

TIP: You have the right to put a few cubes into a sippy cup or container at night, place right into the fridge till morning, and (depending on the temperature of her fridge), it have to be ready for the youngsters to drink in the morning.

Can I perform this with any kind of milk?

You can—it works v plant milks too. The only thing I’ve noticed is that some plant milks can separate a little when lock thaw, for this reason be certain to shake them up fine or setup to use them in a smoothie wherein they’ll be mixed with other ingredients.

Does this work with milk that’s top top sale?

This is a good way come take advantage of milk that’s ~ above sale and also store it because that use later on. Just make sure you have enough freezer space for the amount that you buy!

Can I perform this with fresh milk?

We have accessibility to one regional brand the milk at our save that’s low warm pasteurized, therefore the cream separates at the top. If you want to freeze that type of milk, you’ll desire to shot to mix in the cream first.

Can I do this with solitary serve shelf stable milk?

You can! The packages will certainly expand, however once the milk is thawed, they need to return come their original shape…mostly in ~ least! shake the milk before serving.

Does freeze milk readjust the taste?

No, not typically in mine experience. As I mentioned it may make plant-based milks different a tiny though.

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Best Tips because that Freezing Milk

When freezing a fifty percent gallon or gallon if milk, be certain to eliminate a tiny of the milk to permit room for the fluid to expand in the container together it freezes.Expect the container to bulge the end a little as that freezes. It might or may not go back to the original shape.You have the right to do this with plant milks, though recognize that they might separate a tiny when thawed. Shake well and/or usage in smoothies or various other recipes (like baked goods) whereby they’ll be blended with other ingredients.Before you go on vacation, setup to frozen a brand-new container that milk or a partial one that’s lingering in the fridge. This will protect against waste and also will assist you have the ability to have milk ~ above hand without going to the store very first thing.Consider using an ice cream cube tray with cubes in a form that will fit right into the sippy cup or consistent cup whereby you arrangement to put them.Place milk ice cream cubes into a sippy cup and also store in the refrigerator overnight come thaw. It will certainly thaw fully or partly, relying on the temperature of your fridge.Thaw half gallons or gallons that milk in the fridge (which will certainly take a couple of days) or overnight in ~ room temperature. Place it in the sink to stop condensation on her counter.Thaw ice cubes in a cup or container overnight in the fridge.Thaw solitary serving milks in the refrigerator overnight. Friend can also pack castle in a lunchbox frozen to work as an ice pack and also a drink at having lunch on warm days.Once thawed, use milk in ~ 5 days.

Questions or concerns around freezing milk? Comment below to ask!