Many varieties of plant call for Farmland to flourish on. Farmland is make by functioning on grass or dirt blocks with a hoe. Farmland looks comparable to dirt, however the block isn’t quite as tall.

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Farmland that stays unplanted for as well long, or that is jumped ~ above (by players or mobs) will certainly revert to dirt.


Farmland in ~ 4 block of water will come to be irrigated (or “hydrated”. Most crops grow much better on irrigated farmland than on dry.


Most crops need light to grow. If you plant them outdoors, they will certainly grow throughout the day, but if you add additional irradiate they will grow at night too.

Indoors or underground, plants will only grow if you carry out artificial light because that them.


Bone Meal

Many plants can it is in fertilised through Bone enjoy the meal to do them thrive faster. Bone enjoy the meal is do from skeleton bones, and also when you right click to use it to your chop there is a chance of that growing.



Wheat is more than likely the very first crop you will grow.



First you will need seeds — you can get these through breaking blocks of long grass. Girlfriend will also get more seeds once you harvest your wheat, so you only need a couple of to start with.

Planting your an initial crop

First make a hoe:


…and prepare part ground beside some water. Plant her seeds and also wait for them come grow. Place a torch next to your crops so that they keep growing at night and are prepared sooner.


Your an initial wheat farm will more than likely look like this!

If you can discover some bones, make Bone Meal and also fertilise your crops. Two applications will generally ripen her wheat fully. If not, you’ll need to wait.

It’s ready when it turns golden:


When you harvest your wheat, friend will obtain the wheat article (for food preparation or feeding to sheep and also cows) plus more seeds 보다 you began with. Girlfriend will have the ability to plant a enlarge farm following time!

Larger fields

One block of water will water 80 blocks of farmland:


TIP: place a lily pad top top the water so friend don’t fall in when harvesting and replanting her wheat.

TIP: you deserve to harvest wheat much more quickly by pouring water over your field. Re-planting still needs to be done block by block, though.

Melons and also Pumpkins


Melons space a valuable food source, and are used in imminent potions. Pumpkins are not edible, however can be worn as a helmet because that protection versus Endermen. Pumpkins are likewise used because that crafting Jack’o’Lanterns, a decorate lighting fixture, and also snow golems and iron golems


Melon and also pumpkin seeds can both be discovered in chests in dungeons and abandoned mine shafts. Pumpkins can likewise sometimes it is in found growing wild and melon seeds could be available from NPC villagers.

Melon seeds and also pumpkin seeds deserve to be crafted native melon slices and also pumpkins.


Seeds need to be planted ~ above farmland , best irrigated. They will certainly then prosper into a pumpkin or melon plant, taking 10–30 minute to perform so. When the plant is tires pumpkin or melon will show up on a farmland, dust or grass block beside the plant.

speed up the expansion of the tree by using bonemeal.while the seed have to be planted on farmland, the fruit will appear on dirt, farmland or grass.after harvesting, the tree ill produce another fruit, every 1–30 minutes.the plant deserve to only have actually one fruit at a axe is the finest tool because that harvesting pumpkins, anything will perform for melons.

Farm Layouts

There are several ways come lay the end your farms; here are 2 suggestions:


Lily Pads


Placing lily pads on peak of any type of water in your farm will protect against melon slices fall in there.

Carrots and Potatoes


Carrots and also potatoes are periodically dropped through zombies; castle can additionally be uncovered in NPC villages.

Growing them is a many like growing wheat, except there space no seeds. Tree carrots or potato in farmland, preferably hydrated, and also wait. Bonemeal will rate up the process. When you harvest her crops, you will acquire back an ext than you originally planted.

Potatoes and also carrots deserve to both be eaten raw, but it is better to roasted potatoes in a heater first.



Beetroot is another crop that can be found farming in villages. When you harvest beetroot, girlfriend will gain both Beetroot and also Beetroot Seeds, which deserve to be replanted.

Beetroot deserve to be consumed raw, or made into Beetroot Soup. It can also be made right into Rose Red dye.

Cocoa Beans


Cocoa beans can be discovered in dungeon chests, or cultivation on trees in the jungle. You have the right to farm castle by planting the beans on the side of a Jungle hardwood log (either usage a live tree or take a piece of timber from the tree and put it wherever you like. Similar to other plants, castle will thrive through numerous stages, and once they space ripe, you deserve to harvest them.


Nether Wart


Nether Wart deserve to only be discovered in Nether Fortresses, yet once you have some, girlfriend can flourish it anywhere. Tree it in soul Sand, wait because that it come grow, and harvest it when fully grown.

It doesn’t need light, but it no speeded up by bone meal and also you can only prosper it in soul sand, not continuous dirt.

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Mushrooms aren’t really plants, of course, and nor have the right to they be farmed easily, yet they space a good source the food at an early stage in the game and also have their own page.