Bearded dragons space the most common pet reptile. They’re easy to treatment for, and also if you have actually a male and also female with each other they breed an extremely easily. Have to you be breeding bearded dragon at home? That’s a topic that you should totally research yourself and make an educated decision regarding whether the is the best thing for you come do. If you execute want to learn exactly how to incubate moustache dragon eggs and also hatch babies, we’ll present you how we do it and also how you have the right to replicate the procedure in ~ home.

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1. Allow your female to safely lay her eggs

Whilst no technically a component of the incubation process, it’s vital that her female safely lays she eggs. Provide her through a plastic container the is large enough for she to enter and turn around in. The container should have actually a couple of inches of substrate in that for her to dig and lay she eggs in. The substrate must be moist, but not wet. Us have found that ProRep Spider Life substrate offers a perfect consistency once dampened with a small water.

2. Collection up one incubation box


Choose a sturdy, plastic container v a snug installation lid (no holes). We prefer to usage Stewart Hatchling Boxes because they are strong, ‘stackable’ and also clear which allows us to examine our eggs easily at a glance. Include a good pair of customs of incubation substrate media, happy Reptile Hatchrite is already loaded with the perfect lot of moisture to maintain humidity in the box. Easy.

3. Species the eggs


The eggs need to be spaced evenly on optimal of the incubation substrate. Small dents deserve to be made in the substrate therefore the eggs perform not roll over (very important). Make certain there room at least 1-2cm gaps in between the eggs together they will expand throughout incubation.

4. Carry to the Incubator


As us incubate of lot of various reptile eggs here, we use large modified drinks refrigerators! at home, there are some excellent small reptile incubators that can be used. Collection the temperature come 29oC (84of), in ~ this temperature the moustache dragon eggs will certainly take about 60 days come hatch. It is often worth having actually a separate thermometer inside the incubator to screen the temperature.

5. During incubation


Whilst her bearded dragon eggs are ‘cooking’, there are a couple of things to store your eye on. Inspect the incubator daily and make sure the temperature is remaining consistent (small fluctuations space usually inevitable though). If any type of of the eggs show up to watch mouldy, eliminate them from the box immediately. Together we use sealed incubation crate (no holes) to catch the humidity inside the box you may sometimes notice condensation forming on the underside the the lid. Closely remove the lid and also wipe the drops away together you execute not want them come drip on you eggs.

6. Hatching


After around 60 days friend will notification little heads beginning to arise from their eggs! in ~ this phase (no matter just how tempting that is), shot to no disturb the hatching bearded dragons. A healthy dragon will hatch totally in it’s very own time. You might see that some still have actually a small yolk bag attached come them, don’t worry, this will certainly drop off normally once completely absorbed. Leave any kind of hatched bearded dragons inside the box for a day as their task will aid stimulate the rest of the egg to hatch.

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It might seem choose a simple method, but this is just how we have done it for years. And also it works!

If you have any type of of your very own tips, you re welcome feel cost-free to leaving them in the comments ar below.