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By Julie Christensen

Few trees are an ext exotic than the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera Linn.). This regal tree to produce edible seeds – coconuts. Unfortunately, coconut palms space hardy only in USDA plant hardiness zone 11 and also 12. They require minimum temperature of around 72 degrees and grow best when temperatures range between 85 and 95 degrees.

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You can shot growing lock indoors, but they probably won’t be affected by each other fruit. If girlfriend live in a warm, tropic area, you deserve to plant coconut palms out at any type of time that the year, return the warm, rainy months that summer room best. The trees prosper slowly and also may not produce fruit for several years. At maturity, they can reach heights that 80 come 100 feet.

Propagating Coconut Palm

The simplest means to flourish coconut palms is native a potted nursery plant, however you can thrive them native seed. Begin with a coconut – the kind you uncover in the grocery keep will do. Ar the coconut in a bucket filled with lukewarm water. Usage a rock or load to save the coconut submerged under water and leave the for three or 4 days. This soaking soft the coconut and speeds up the germination process.

Remove the coconut native the water. To fill a huge zip-top plastic bag with 1 cup of water. Location the coconut in the plastic bag and also seal it. Save it in a warm, dark location, together as near a water heater. Check it every week. The seed will germinate and produce roots and a sprout in ~ a few weeks or up to 3 months.

Once the roots start to grow, tenderness wrap castle in a damp paper towel and also place the coconut ago in the bag. It’s time come transplant the coconut when the sprout grows to about the size of your finger and the roots are about 6 to 8 inches long. Come plant her coconut palm in a pot, choose a pot the holds at the very least 10 gallons the soil. To fill it with a potting soil designed because that cactus or do your own mix by combine one part regular potting soil with one part sand. Include a couple of handfuls of well gravel. Plant the coconut so component of the sprout is in ~ the soil.

To tree a coconut seed in the ground, select a place that has sandy, loose, well-draining soil. In low-lying areas, plant coconuts in raised beds to improve drainage.

Whether girlfriend propagate your coconut palm native seed or from a nursery transplant, coconut palms need frequent moisture. Water lock at the very least weekly therefore the soil continues to be consistently moist. Coconut palms should be planted in an area that gets full sun. A warm, defended area is ideal. If friend like, you can produce a mini-greenhouse approximately your young plant. Drive several bamboo stakes into the ground 6 inches indigenous the tree to develop a sort of fence approximately the plant. Pave plastic wrap about the bamboo rod and throughout the optimal to develop an enclosure. Remove this greenhouse once the tree was standing 12 inch tall.

Coconut palms space subject come phosphorus, nitrogen, manganese and also boron deficiencies, which typically present themselves together yellowed pipeline or slow-moving growth. To protect against nutrient deficiencies, fertilize her coconut palm every 2 months through a fertilizer produced palm trees. Apply the fertilizer through a rotating spreader throughout the area under the crown the the tree. Use it at a rate of 1 lb per 100 square feet of soil.

Pests and also Diseases

Coconut palms room plagued through several condition problems. The most common one is “lethal yellow” (LY), which has progressively spread increase the coastline of Florida, death off countless native and commercial plantings. Yellowing leaves, dropping fruit and also slow fatality are the most most likely symptoms. If you live in an area prone to LY, plant a disease-resistant variety such as Malayan Dwarf. Infected trees might be treated with antibiotics, yet you should treat the tree every four months for the remainder of that is life. In a home garden, it’s usually best to remove infected trees.

Fungal bud rot causes spots top top the leaves or the leaves become gray. As the fungus infects the buds, castle shrivel, yellow and drop and have a foul odor. The disease is most usual after hefty rains or in poorly draining soil. Plant palm coconuts in full sun, in well-draining soil and treat them through fosetyl-Al to protect against fungal bud rot. When infected, the trees must be removed.

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Harvesting Coconut Trees

Your coconut palm may begin producing fruit 5 to seven years after ~ planting. The coconuts take 7 come 12 month to mature indigenous bud set. Harvest lock at 7 months because that drinking. Harvest in ~ 12 months if you setup to dried the coconut.

For much more information, visit the following link:

The Coconut Palm in Florida indigenous the college of Florida IFAS Extension

Julie Christensen learned around gardening on her grandfather’s farm and also mother’s vegetable garden in southern Idaho. Today, she lives and gardens top top the high plains of Colorado. As soon as she’s no digging in the dirt, Julie writes about food, education, parenting and also gardening. 

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