Is your bearded dragon acting really tired and also refusing food? She might be preparing to brumate! bearded dragon brumation is a pretty typical occurrence, yet it can scare a first-time reptile owner who may not understand what your dragon is doing. Review all you should know around brumation so you can be all set and help your mustache dragon have a calm brumation experience. 

What Is Brumation? 

Brumation is a natural procedure that numerous reptiles experience in the wild throughout the cold winter month to conserve energy. During brumation, a dragon’s cradle system essentially shuts down, his heart price drops significantly, and he shows up to be in a deep sleep. 

Bearded dragons are ectotherms, meaning they cannot control their very own body heat. They depend on their setting to save them heat or cool. Desert winters space too cold for them to it is in out and also about, so they burrow in the floor or in a tree and also settle right into a dormant state.

Although this process resembles hibernation, it isn’t the same thing. Once mammals hibernate, their body fat is supplied to save them alive. They don’t should eat or drink, and they don’t wake up up until hibernation is over. Throughout brumation, reptiles won’t eat or defecate, yet they will regularly wake up summary to drink water.

Of all tamed reptiles, moustache dragons are the most most likely to brumate, for this reason there’s a decent opportunity your pet will certainly go with this process. At the very same time, no all tamed bearded dragon brumate, so you shouldn’t worry if her dragon skips brumation altogether. 

How regularly Does bearded Dragon Brumation Occur? 

In the wild, bearded dragons would certainly brumate when a year during the cold months. Trained bearded dragons are a tiny different. The truth is, it varies.

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any of the following brumation patterns are normal. 

Your bearded dragon may brumate: 

Once a year every year, throughout the existing cold season.Once a year every year, throughout Australia’s cold season.Every various other year or every couple of years, predictably or unpredictably.Only as soon as in she lifetime. 

Every dragon is different and their certain brumation patterns are almost impossible to predict. The vital is to watch because that brumation indicators in her bearded dragon and let nature run its course. 


Bearded Dragon Brumation Signs

How do you recognize if your bearded dragon is around to get in brumation? There are some telltale indications to look the end for: 

Lethargy, boosted sleep, previously bedtimeLoss of appetite or finish refusal the foodFrequent hiding or burrowing Less regular bowel movementsDisinterest in friend or various other peopleUnusual aversion to being handled

In many cases, you’ll notice signs that brumation in the late fall just prior to winter (October, November). Yet for part bearded dragons, brumation starts around June, when it’s winter in Australia. It just depends on her individual dragon.

If girlfriend do an alert any brumation signs, regardless of the season, psychic that plenty of of these signs also commonly denote parasites or some kind of illness. It is why it’s ideal to inform your vet automatically to make sure it really is brumating time and there’s no some other worry going on. 

What to perform If your Bearded Dragon Shows indicators of Brumation

So did you do it noticed the signs, talked to your vet, and have established that your bearded dragon is going right into brumation. What have the right to you perform before, during, and also directly after ~ brumation to assist your dragon have a good experience? 

To aid your dragon go into brumation smoothly: 

Ensure her bearded dragon’s habitat has actually optimum heating and also lighting. This way making the tank cooler to mimic Australian desert winter conditions. To prevent food rotting in your dragon’s stomach, make sure your dragon has a bowel movement before walking into complete brumation. A ship massage can help with this. Obtain a fecal test excellent to inspect for parasites, i beg your pardon can cause symptoms the are similar to brumation.Don’t force feed your dragon. Offer water, however don’t force your dragon come drink. 

Pro Tip: For optimal brumation conditions, rotate your dragon’s basking bulb and UV irradiate off. Aim because that a daytime temperature roughly 68 degrees Fahrenheit and also a nighttime temperature approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once her dragon is “asleep”: 

Although it might sound a tiny harsh, leave her dragon alone. Managing him can cause major panic or a heart attack.Provide fresh water in the tank, however never force your dragon come drink.Provide a hideaway for her dragon come sleep in. This might be a blackout hut or cave.Jot down notes for her vet (and your own future reference) throughout your dragon’s brumation. You can keep track of points like as soon as it began, just how long the lasting, and also any habits your dragon exhibits throughout brumation, such as drinking or hike around.

Once your dragon wakes up: 

Over the next few days, set the heating and also lighting ago to normal.  Offer little portions the food gradually. You might want come stick through greens and also easy-to-digest veggies at first until her dragon’s full appetite comes back.  Continue come provide new water to keep your dragon hydrated. 

Where walk a bearded Dragon Brumate?

Bearded dragons naturally want to brumate secret or deep in a tree. They probably don’t have either that those alternatives in their terrarium, and that’s okay. Friend can assist your dragon along by place a blackout hut in their cage. Her dragon deserve to curl up and drift turn off without the hazard of constantly being woken increase by lamp in her home.


How long Does Brumation Last? 

In the wild, brumation is a survival necessity. So every bearded dragon in the very same area would be brumating about the same time—during the cold months. However, in captivity, brumation is no a important behavior, so that is different for each dragon. Some residential dragons only brumate for a few weeks. Some brumate for months.

So technically your dragon might be in brumation for just under a month, or for as much as eight or ripe months. It simply depends on what your beardie’s biological clock is informing him. 

In the wild, brumation would last three to four months. If your bearded dragon is quiet brumating after 4 months, let her vet know simply to be safe. Yet chances are, her dragon is perfectly fine.

It have the right to be disconcerting if her bearded dragon goes into brumation and also then disappears because that months ~ above end. If you start to worry, simply peek in on her dragon from time come time or even every day to make certain he is still breathing. Just try to carry out it without waking her dragon up. 

Is that Brumation? Or Is my Bearded Dragon Dead?

If this is your very first bearded dragon, or if your dragon has actually never brumated before, it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive when you see your pet in such a deep sleep. Plenty of owners issue whether your dragon is in brumation or dead. If your dragon goes right into brumation in a healthy and balanced state, odds space you have actually nothing to problem about. Just inspect in on your dragon from time to time and also see that she is quiet breathing, and also she need to be waking up prior to you understand it.

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Should You ever Prevent or finish Bearded Dragon Brumation?

Brumation is a natural procedure for many reptiles, consisting of bearded dragons. More often than not, it’s ideal to just let your dragon do what her organic clock is urging her to do. Yet there are some cases in which your vet will advise friend to stop brumation. 

This is due to the fact that brumation deserve to kill a noble or malnourished dragon. Contact her vet if your dragon starts to brumate under any type of of the following circumstances: 

Your dragon is under a year old. In the wild, baby bearded dragons don’t brumate. Brumation calls for a dragon to walk for months without food. This lack of nutrition can be very harmful come a baby"s cultivation body. In many cases, if her baby dragon start going into brumation, it is finest to protect against it. Speak to your vet about the best ways to carry out that. 

Your dragon starts come brumate throughout a warm season. Is your dragon showing signs of brumation throughout a season other than winter? One explanation is that your dragon’s brain is tho hard-wired come its Australian desert roots. So her dragon’s biological clock is speak “Hey, because it’s in reality winter in Australia ideal now, let’s go ahead and also brumate.” 

Normally this is not problematic and you can allow your dragon to go into brumation. However, periodically warm-weather brumation is a authorize that something rather is walk on. It could be caused by:

Dehydration. Although your dragon may arise periodically throughout brumation to gain some water, he shouldn’t go into into brumation dehydrated. If her dragon has actually sunken eyes, loosened skin, or appetite loss, he might be dehydrated. Illness or medical condition. If you understand your moustache dragon has a severe health problem or is ill, let your vet recognize as quickly as any signs that brumation emerge. Her vet can instruct friend on what to do to avoid brumation in this case. 

Contact your vet if girlfriend ever an alert any the the adhering to symptoms in your bearded dragon, nevertheless of whether you think she is going into brumation: 

Any abnormal behaviorDiarrhea or constipation Skin discolorations or wrinkly skinDifficulty movingSwollen jaw or limbsDifficulty breathingLethargyRefusal to eat Overall weakness

Some of this signs, like lethargy and also loss that appetite, room characteristic the brumation. Yet some are not. It is why it’s essential to save a keen eye out and also talk to your vet. It’s much better to it is in safe than sorry! 

How perform You know When Brumation Is Ending?

When her bearded dragon at first goes right into brumation, over there are indicators to look the end for. When your dragon wakes up, that pretty obvious. You may inspect on her and also see her staring wide-eyed earlier at you, or she may just wander the end of her hiding spot and begin crawling about her terrarium looking for food. One of two people way, that pretty simple to phone call the difference in between your dragon wandering the end for a sleepy drink vs. In reality waking up. 

Keep in mind that your dragon may take numerous days to get back into his old routine. Gradually readjust his lighting earlier to normal and offer his regular meals, and just be patient as he wakes up. Pretty quickly he’ll be earlier to his common habits. If in ~ any point you feel pertained to or an alert anything abnormal, reach out to her vet. 

Although brumation deserve to be a small stressful specifically for first-time Dragon Keepers, remember it’s a natural process and your dragon will be so excited to view you when she wakes up!

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