We love Thanksgiving food. Like, we really, yes, really love it. It’s sort of ours bread and also butter.

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But love something doesn’t do it last. To keep your leftovers safe and enjoyable because that as long as possible, you need to make sure they’re save correctly.

We’ve compiled some storage guidelines here, but it’s essential to remember: Use common sense as soon as deciding what to save and also what to litter away. If miscellaneous smells funny or doesn’t look right, it doesn’t issue if it’s a job old or a main old—don’t eat it.



Don’t permit the packaged pumpkin pies you see sitting out in stores fool you—homemade pumpkin pies need to be refrigerated.

Many of the ones small in-store or mass-produced have preservatives, which enable them come sit in ~ room temperature there is no going bad.

You have the right to keep your homemade pumpkin pie in the refrigerator for 3 come 4 days. After ~ that, toss the or store it approximately 2 month in the freezer.



If you’re going to consume her pecan pie in ~ 24 hours, it’s well to leaving it on the counter. Keep it spanned in the refrigerator if you’re storing it for longer than one day. After ~ 3 to 4 days, toss that or store it up to 2 months in the freezer.


Great news! the apple pie have the right to stay on the respond to or in your pantry for around two days. If you arrangement to store it much longer than that, store it in the fridge for approximately a week. After that, toss the or store it as much as 2 month in the freezer.

Eating turkey that hasn’t to be stored correctly deserve to make you an extremely sick, so don’t execute it.

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Those mashed potatoes will be well in the refrigerator for about a week. If you stick castle in the freezer, though, they can last approximately a entirety year.