The dough is the an essential pizza part, therefore the fresh one friend prepare ~ above your own is the best feasible option for her family. The commercially do product won’t it is in so high quality and tasty, yet you have the right to use that longer.

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Unfortunately, the answer come the inquiry does pizza dough goes poor is – yes. Now, you should uncover out exactly how long does pizza dough lasts. Let’s see.

Does Pizza Dough walk Bad?

Pizza dough can’t last for long, and it will certainly go bad eventually. The problem is the there are no obvious signs that this has happened, especially when you save it in the fridge.

You will an alert that something is wrong once trying to do a pizza v one-week-old dough. Because the yeast exhausts its sources over time, her dough i will not ~ rise during baking.

There is one much more problem when storing pizza dough in the refrigerator for more than five days. Bacteria will construct excessively after the period, and it will certainly worsen, an especially when making use of dough that contains eggs or milk. This procedure will it is in much much faster if you leaving the dough in ~ room temperature because that a couple of hours.

How long Does Pizza Dough Last?

Your homemade pizza dough will certainly be edible for only 4 come 24 hours when maintained in the kitchen, and you deserve to expect it to dry. It will continue to be usable because that a couple of days when kept in the fridge and up to three months frozen. Save in mind the a larger amount the yeast will accelerate spoilage.

Pizza dough shelf life

Pizza dough

Live dough//

120 come 180 days

Par-baked dough

//180 to 365 days
Dough balls/2 to 4 days

90 come 180 days


4 come 24 hours2 come 4 days

2 to 3 months

As you can see, homemade pizza dough can’t remain fresh for long, however it is a different story v commercially do products. Live dough product’s maximum shelf life is four months. However, you can use it for extr two month if you don’t mental the decrease in the quality.

Par-baked products will stay fresh within 6 months from the manufacture date, however they will certainly be edible as much as a year once stored properly. In the end, dough balls will remain of the finest quality for three months stored in the freezer, but you have the right to use lock for an additional three months without worry.

6 advice to tell if Pizza Dough has Gone Bad


Always check the expiration date on pizza dough packaging and also store it appropriately. Otherwise, girlfriend will confront spoiled products you shouldn’t eat.


One the the most usual ways to determine that pizza dough went negative is to inspect its smell. It have the right to smell sour or acquire an alcohol or beer odor together a result of the fermentation. As you have currently known, you need to include yeast to the dough to enable rising.

During the anaerobe chemistry reaction, glucose division down, and also carbon dioxide causes air balloon in the dough. ~ above the various other side, created alcohol will influence dough smell and taste. When the procedure lasts as well long, the cake dough will end up being tasteless.

Additionally, the overgrown dough won’t taste good because of fast bacteria growth. Store in mind that high temperatures will rate up the fermentation process, for this reason storing it in the freezer will extend its shelf life.

You shouldn’t eat this dough due to the fact that it will probably cause some unpleasant wellness issues, also poisoning.

In part cases, her pizza dough deserve to smell favor yeast. The doesn’t typical it is bad, and also the smell is a an outcome of pre-fermentation. In other words, live yeast runs the end of food, and also you have the right to solve the difficulty by including some flour to it. You can use this dough after kneading and also letting it increase again.


Fresh pizza dough has a cream or beige color. Grey shade with flaky or orange peel over its surface is not desirable and way that it is time to litter this product away.

The color change appears ~ a while as a result of the enzyme-catalyzed phenolic and also fatty mountain oxidation. This compounds come from flour, therefore you should expect this happens after a while.


You can expect pizza dough to shed elasticity and become dry, flaky, and crusty end time. Such a product is tough to roll right into a ball or shape into a pizza base.


The final step is to inspect pizza dough flavor. As soon as you notice its off-taste, the is time to prevent this product.

Freezer burns

When you keep inappropriately packaged pizza dough in the freezer because that so long, friend will notification freezer burns, clearly shows freezer crystals, or whitish spots after ~ a while. Such a product is edible, however its taste is unpleasant, therefore you need to avoid eating it if possible.


Any mold event is a warning sign that you need to eliminate pizza dough right away. It is unacceptable to remove mold and also use the rest of the dough due to the fact that spores have currently spread throughout the product, making it unhealthy.

3 tips to keep Pizza Dough



The period you deserve to keep her pizza dough in the kitchen at room temperature will mainly depend on the supplied recipe. Be prepared that recipes substantially differ in the quantity of yeast supplied for dough making.

For instance, if you add approximately 0.5 teaspoons (10 g) the yeast right into 2.2 pounds (1 kg) flour, your dough will contain one optimal 1% the yeast.

However, countless recipes girlfriend can uncover on the Net have actually up to 2% yeast. The will speed up the fermentation process but negatively influence the pizza taste.

On the various other hand, friend can uncover recipes that encompass only 0.2% yeast. They allow the dough come ferment in ~ room temperature for at the very least 16 to 18 hours and include a usual aroma to her pizza.


You can store pizza dough in the refrigerator for approximately 3 to 5 days, depending on its condition and the temperature that water supplied for do it.

When friend use warmth water and also leave the dough ~ above the kitchen countertop for an hour prior to placing it in the refrigerator, you deserve to expect that it will be edible for only three days. Once you refrigerate it straight away, it will last at least 4 come 5 days.

After buying a advertisement pizza dough, you need to store the in an original dough crate in her fridge. One more option is to placed it in an airtight container. The critical thing is to protect against air from entering the packaging and also consequently dry the product.

The more convenient choice for homemade pizza dough is to separation it into smaller, 0.4 come 0.5 pounds (200 – 250 g) balls. These pieces are suitable for medium and huge pizzas. Be conscious that this technique is practical, yet crust creation is slower when storing dough in bulk.


You deserve to keep pizza dough in the freezer for three months without losing taste. After the period, friend will an alert changes in the product’s color, taste, and also texture.

Another difficulty is the crust appearing on the dough surface ar after a while, specifically if girlfriend failed come wrap and also pack the correctly. Basically, you can use it, yet there is no allude eating such a low-quality product when you can quickly make another, fresh dough.

Once you decision to use frozen dough, you have to put the in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours before baking and also let that thaw slowly. Then, let the sit top top the worktop at room temperature for 2 hours before planning to usage it.

That way, the yeast will end up being activated and also rise again. Never ever keep defrosted pizza dough in the refrigerator for an ext than three days.

The risk of spend an Expired Pizza Dough

You have the right to experience two difficulties with pizza dough. First, the raw dough consists of harmful bacteria as soon as stored because that a long. Second, flour can become contaminated once kept inappropriately.

Once friend consume endangered pizza dough, girlfriend may challenge severe E. Coli or Salmonella poisoning after ~ a couple of hours to five or even six days. E. Coli is particularly dangerous, and also it can cause fatal outcomes in part cases. The most common symptoms are:

FeverNauseaVomitingDry mouthStomach crampsDiarrheaHeadacheJoint and also muscle aches

Avoid spend raw pizza dough, specifically in a bigger amount. The many severe troubles are bacter toxins, especially Shiga toxin, that will cause watery diarrhea and also life-threatening dehydration.

Can You frozen Pizza Dough?

When deciding to save some pizza dough in the freezer, you should wrap it accordingly to stop drying, crust forming, and freezer burns.

The ideal option is to placed your product into a freeze bag and seal it through a food sealer machine. That way, wait can’t come inside and negatively influence the dough. If you follow the appropriate storing and also defrosting procedure, her product will continue to be fresh and delicious because that a long.

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Pizza dough will last for a couple of hours, days, or months, relying on the do procedure, save on computer temperature, and amount that yeast the cooking recipes contains. The homemade dough will be edible for just several days stored in the fridge, if you have the right to use some commercial assets for as much as a year.