I purchase King crab legs at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and we had it on mom Day. Ns have sufficient leftover come make some crab cakes. Have the right to I frozen this meat for a couple of days? I desire to make the cakes on Friday i beg your pardon is 5-6 job after ns purchased the crab.How long will it critical in the freezer and also will over there be quality lost?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Yes! friend absolutely can freeze the crab meat! 5-6 days? No problem! If friend should ever want to freeze future leftover crab because that a longer period of time I would recommend vacuum sealing the meat/legs/whole crab first. We have had an excellent success vacuum sealing crab and also crab meat for periods of over a year. Also, vacuum sealing will assist to maintain its freshness quality better because, yes, some top quality will it is in lost however most likely not so much that you’ll notice. Additionally, ns would imply you go on the The Carolina Meat & Fish Co website for some different and palate-exciting brand-new takes top top crab cakes! Enjoy!

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Freezing Crab for 3 to 6 days

by Shrank

Can you freeze crab because that 3 come 6 days without losing quality?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies– The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Yes, you can freeze crab because that 3 come 6 work without losing the quality or fresh of the crab. Actually, we recommend it. If you acquisition crabs top top a Saturday and also don’t desire to cook them increase till the next Friday, they will certainly be the much better for friend if you frozen those crabs and not keep them in the refrigerator. 9 out of 10, the crabs the you bought were frozen, so to keep them at their freshest state till consuming them would be to keep them frozen.Hope this helps. Reap those crabs!

Can you freeze crab soup?

by Kitty Baum(Laurinburg, NC)

Can you freeze crab soup?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-ABSOLUTELY! In truth not just do ns recommend it, I do the exact same thing myself! naught is better than getting out a bowl of an excellent crab soup month after the crabbing season is over and savoring the fruits of my labors without every the labors. When you space thinking of making crab soup again, why not take a look in ~ our cooking recipes pages and also find and try something new? couple of things are quite as functional as crab and also we gain finding brand-new ways and flavors to take it all in!

Frozen deserve to of Crab

by Larry(Marysville, PA)

I froze a can of crab, how long will is continue to be good?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-You froze a have the right to of crab meat? the is certain interesting. Without learning if it to be a keep bought deserve to of crab or fresh crab meat the you crate yourself, us really can’t say because that sure how long it will certainly keep.We’re wonder “why” girlfriend “froze” the have the right to of crab.

If it were canned properly, freeze shouldn’t it is in necessary and should keep for a year or longer, perhaps even up come 18 months canned.

If your deserve to of crab meat was store bought, again, why would certainly you store it in the freezer and also not in her pantry? store bought canned crab has actually expiration dates and will keep fresh when just storing in her pantry.

With every this said, I expect canned crab meat could an extremely well keep even longer if put in the freezer, yet why wait the long prior to enjoying?


Large # 1 Blue Crab in ~ the Carolina Meat & Fish Co

Can ns refreeze par-boiled crab meat after making stuffing?

by Roxieann(Zachary, La USA)

I placed a the majority of crab meat in the freezer, around 2 months ago. Ns “par-boiled” the crabs before cleaning and then ns froze lock in vacuum sealed bags.

My plan was to thaw the later and make stuffed crabs (25-30) and also freeze lock for later on use.

Normally as soon as I do stuffed crabs I execute it prior to freezing the crab. (Just walk not have actually the time this year.) I cook the vegs. Down, add my bread and egg and also sauté’. After that cools i fold in mine crab, ingredient the shells and freeze. I do not cook them prior to freezing.

I’m concerned about doing that this means with the thawed crab. Is this safe? execute I must put the crab in when I’m sautéing the stuffing and also bring it to a details temperature?

I use them together Christmas gifts. I would rather have actually disappointed friends, rather of giving something that might be unsafe. I would REALLY evaluate your help.


The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Hi, Roxianne! What a wonderful labor of love and creative Christmas gift idea! I’m impressed and also you are currently my favourite visitor! I, honestly, don’t think what you space doing is wrong nor unsafe. Sounds like you have actually a good handle on suitable care and also safe storing her crab meat.

The crab meat the you space using has already been boiled up, correct? If so, if you space thawing it out to wrinkles in to her mixture because that stuffing the shells, you really can do that either way, thawed or unthawed. Thawed will be simpler to work-related with and unthawed, or, slightly thawed will certainly be even better as it won’t obtain effected much because of the temperature change, as it isn’t if you room refreezing the enjoy the meal for later on use.Do keep in mind that if you use unthawed or contempt unthawed crab meat that as soon as you carry out take the parts out, lock will have actually extra liquid in the meal as result of them gift frozen.So with this, possibly it would be finest to fold in s crab meat in her saute mixture so girlfriend don’t have actually to compete with flavor gift “watered down” from thawed the end frozen crab??? go this make sense?

How long can I leave crab in the fridge to thaw?

by Dale(BC Canada)

After catching, then, clean crab, and freezing before boiling, just how long deserve to I leave crab in the refrigerator to thaw?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Ok, allow me see if I obtained this right…You cleaned the crab, then, frozen it, and now you are wondering how long you can keep that thawing in the fridge? If so, then, it have to only take a day to thaw the end in the refrigerator. After the it must keep 3-4 work refrigerated, but, the sooner the much better for freshness!

After freeze crab legs you yes, really don’t “have” to thaw them out prior to boiling castle or steaming the crab legs. You deserve to put the frozen foot in the steamer, or, if they need boiled, in boiling water in their frozen state. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

Can you frozen cooked crab meat?

by Leah(Canada)

I have a bunch of Dungeness crab meat from a crab feast 2 days back and I’m not going to be able to eat it best away. Have the right to I frozen the meat? It’s already been gotten rid of from it’s shell.

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Yes! us freeze cooking crab meat every the time. If packaged effectively for the freezer (vacuum-pack), it will keep for 6-8 months. Just don’t wait also long, a day or two at the most, before freezing.

Freezing Dungeness Crab Meat

by Tom T.(Monroe, NC)

Every suffer I have had actually at freezing Dungeness crab meat has actually failed. Even if simply for a short time, the crab meat loses its whole flavor and I mean every one of it. Ns am wonder if push canning will maintain the flavor?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Freezing Dungeness Crab Meat and losing all its flavor? Not good to hear! without explaining how you space going around processing that crab in details and also freezing it, us really can’t assist you out.

We haven’t tried push canning crab meat, so we can’t offer you any clues or advice to go along with that. It would certainly be nice come know, though, just how pressure canning Dungeness Crab would fair!? If you shot that, Tom, please come back and let united state know just how you go it and also how that turned out. We’ll be an ext than interested and also would choose to placed that right into practice.

To Freeze picked Crab Meat

by Kelly(Richmond, VA)

I live in Virginia and also we have Chesapeake Blue Crabs every summer. My grandma taught me how to freeze picked meat so the it continues to be “fresh” through the winter– friend cover the in milk.

Just put the meat in a freezer bag, pour consistent milk on height of it till it’s all covered with the milk, climate freeze it. It keeps it from shedding its taste and texture, and also protects against freezer burn. As soon as you thaw the choose crab meat, simply put the in a colander and rinse the milk off. It really does taste fresh.

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Oh wow! give thanks to you because that the tip! we would have actually never believed of that, nor have actually we heard of the to freeze picked crab meat, maintaining it fresh in the freezer v milk…Hmmm! thank you for sharing!

Freezing food preparation Blue Crab Claws

I was wondering, if ns clean blue nippers crabs live, throwing the end lungs, peak shell, and also guts just leaving bottom covering with meat and also legs attached, deserve to I freeze this blue crab claws and cook castle 8 hours later?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Granted the you take it the measures to properly care for this blue crab claws ns can’t imagine why girlfriend couldn’t. However, why not just put castle in the refrigerator for those couple of hours?

If you’re sure you’ll obtain to castle in 8 hours or so, that’s what I would do. Simply wrap them appropriately and collection them in the refrigerator, preferably no in direct draft of opened the frig., like, in the meat room of your frig.

If you want to frozen them as you can not be sure if girlfriend will obtain to them, then, yes, friend should be able to freeze them prior to cooking the blue crab claws. Simply make sure the parts are clean. You might want to run them under clean cold water come wash, then, let them drain off overabundance water prior to packaging them.

Hope this helps! enjoy your blue crab claws! “Catch ’em! Clean ’em! cook ’em! Eat ’em!”

Freezing Crab and also Keeping Crab alive Question

I check out an article around this, however the post said you can keep live crabs in your refrigerator on ice for up to 4 days. I extended them in ice for 2 days, took them out, and only one crab was still alive. I knew it to be alive because it relocated its legs and blew a bubble . I cooked it, yet am a little afraid of eat it. Is that ok?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Well, obviously, the “live crab” is alive and also well, happily for her enjoyment! If it to be me, I would be slithering end it with heat butter and also savoring every decadent morsel the crab meat the offered! gain it to its utmost!As for the various other crabs the aren’t moving or “bubbly” ns would totally discard them…

Can lump Crab Meat be Frozen?

by Marjorie(San Antonio, TX)

I have some canned bump crab meat. I assumed I would make part crab cakes and also freeze some of them because that future use. Is that it s okay to do?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co Replies-Yes, of course! it don’t issue if you usage canned lump crab meat, crab meat from a container, or fresh crab meat. We make crab cakes every the time and also freeze them because that future use. No factor you can’t!What we do…

We make the crab cakes, then, permit them cool come room temperature. This is crucial for freezing. You won’t have actually them sticking with each other from the heat and they will hold together better, too, that seems. Then, us layer them v wax record in between the layers.

This works well in those very big zip lock freezer bags or also in a big cake-size freezer container.

We’ve kept currently cooked and also uncooked, but prepared and ready to cook crab cakes in the freezer, however not for very long. They will go quick as lock are currently prepared. But you have the right to keep them increase to roughly 3 month cooked. Not fairly so lengthy if we have actually them prepared and not cooked, yet.

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Don’t know why, we simply don’t feeling comfortable having actually them in the freezer because that much much longer that a pair months prior to we decide to get them cooked.

This is simply what us do and the canned bump crab meat is good to usage this method as well! Enjoy!

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co is Charlotte’s premier Fish Market, the largest supplier that blue crab in the city and also experts in crabbing, prepare blue crab and eating blue crab in the united States.