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LunaseeStudios/ShutterstockHaving an overabundance of Halloween candy after a shortage that trick-or-treaters can make because that a disappointing night. So what’s one to do with every these extra goodies?

Throwing points in the trash can feel choose money waste, especially when we’re talking about over-priced candy approximately this spooky season. No, girlfriend don’t have to eat it all either. Freezing her candy is a great frugal systems for every sorts the edible treats. Let’s take a look at this frosty candy settle (and once it’s ideal to prevent it).

How to store Leftover Halloween Candy


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Seal your candy utilizing an airtight container, freezer bag, or heavy-duty freezer wrap—if you want to go all out you can even vacuum seal the candy. Be sure to brand your airtight container with the day and type of liquid you are freezing. It’s also great practice to add an expiration date so friend can conveniently track as soon as it demands to gain dumped.

Each form of candy has actually its particular guidelines because that storing. Follow the recommendations below for frighteningly new results.

Shelf Life for various Candies

According come the national Confections Association, countless different varieties of candies do well as lengthy as they’re wrapped as necessary and stored in a cool, dry place. The NCA likewise says you must avoid freezing candy with fruits and nuts. Here’s room a few recommendations because that freezing your candy.


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Dark Chocolate: freezing dark coco doesn’t necessarily extend the shelf life, however if you live what warm, it’s a good option. As long as it’s sealed properly, you can keep it because that up to 2 years. Yet do you really think you have the right to store that away for years there is no indulging in a couple of bites?

Milk and White Chocolate: This kind of chocolate will last approximately a year in the freezer or an airtight container in ~ room temperature.

Gummy Candy: As long as you correctly seal and store gummies, they will last as much as twelve month in the freezer because that the finest quality.

Hard Candies: tough Candies will save their finest quality for as much as one year in the freezer.

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Caramel Candies: Caramel candies need to be sealed an extremely well and also kept away from moisture. If stored properly, they taste finest when frozen no much longer than twelve months.

If you aren’t a fan of the freezer, no worries, there’s plenty you can do with leftover Halloween candy. Shot baking it right into a funny dessert or mix that in through a Chex mix, trail mix. However, if her goal is to remain away indigenous the extra calories, lug those goodies into the office and let anyone take lock off your hands!

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